Dow Wins SCONE Feature at Legion Speedway

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Wentworth, NH — (September 14, 2014) — Clay Dow won the Sprint Cars of New England feature on Sunday afternoon at Legion Speedway. Chris Donnelly, Dan Douville, Luke Greenwood, and Kevin Chaffee rounded out the top five.

Bond Auto Parts, SCoNE Results for Legion Speedway, 9-14-14.
1st Heat:
1.Jake Williams, 73
2.Clay Dow, 58
3.Dan Douville, 7X
4.Mark Cole, 6X
5.Tyler Austin, 01
6.Dave Sanborn, 24
7.Lacey Hanson, 33
8.Christine Boesch, 23

2nd Heat:
1.Tim Martin, 83
2.Chris Donnelly, 17
3.Troy Comeau, 18L
4.Rick Martel, 28
5.Luke Greenwood, 89
6.Kevin Chaffee, 8
7.Will Hull, 61
8.Patrick Smith, 21
9.Doug Boisvert, 22

1.Clay Dow, 58
2.Chris Donnelly, 17
3.Dan Douville, 7X
4.Luke Greenwood, 89
5.Kevin Chaffee, 8
6.Will Hull, 61
7.Jake Williams, 73
8.Patrick Smith, 21
9.Tyler Austin, 01
10.Rick Martel, 28
11.Troy Comeau, 18L
12.Lacey Hanson, 33
13.Tim Martin, 83
14.Dave Sanborn, 24
15.Doug Boisvert, 22
16.Mark Cole, 6X
17.Christine, Boesch, 23