Forsberg wins at Marysville

Marysville Raceway Top Story

Marysville Raceway Top StoryMarysville, CA — (March 14, 2015) — Marysville Raceway returned to action with 47 drivers hunting for gold during the Spring Gold Fever Sprint Car Open. The winged 360 sprint cars led the way with 23 drivers showing up to battle for the win. Opening night winner Justin Sanders and Friday night Silver Cup winner Andy Forsberg returned to try and claim victory and stay in the hunt for an added bonus. Billy Wallace competed in both the winged 360 and wingless sprints division. Misty Castleberry also competed in two divisions, competing in the wingless sprints and Pro 4’s. Seven drivers showed up to compete for the second time in the wingless division. The Pro 4’s and winged economy sprints made their first appearance of the season at Marysville Raceway.

Auburn, CA driver Andy Forsberg found gold at Marysville Raceway wining the Spring Gold Fever Sprint Car Open. Bud Walberg would jump out to the early race lead however Jeremy Burt would get upside-down in turn one. Burt was ok however his night was over. Rookie driver DJ Freitas had troubles with his car and was unable to make the restart. Lining back up side by side for a complete restart Bud Walberg once again jumped out to the race lead. Fourth and fifth place starters Justin Sanders and Andy Forsberg worked their way into the top three by lap four. Cody Lamar would bring out the second red of the race on lap five getting upside-down on the back stretch, Trevor Schmid and Chris Magoon also were involved and all drivers were ok. Walberg would maintain the lead on the single file restart. The race heated up at the half way point with race leader Walberg, opening night winner Sanders, and Forsberg battling it out for the lead. Forsberg would get around Sanders and Walberg on the high scary side on lap 18, Sanders would get around Walberg for second on lap 20. The caution flag would waive on lap 21 for Brad Bumgarner spinning to a stop in turns one and two.
On the ensuing restart fourth place running Colby Wiesz would get by Walberg for the third spot. With an open track in front of him Forsberg would lead the final four laps to take home the victory. Sanders, Wiesz, Walberg, and Peter Paulson rounded out the top five. Cody Lamar took lead on the opening lap of the 12 lap B-main with Lamar winning the B-main over Kevin Lovell, Chris Magoon, Billy Wallace, and DJ Freitas all transferring to the A-main. Heat race wins went to Koen Shaw, Heath Hall, and John Michael Bunch. Colby Wiesz turned the fastest lap in qualifying with a lap of 12.788. Andy Forsberg and Justin Sanders still have extra money on the line from the Spring Fever Winged 360 Sprint Car Bonus. If Sanders can win next Friday at the Civil War opener in Marysville and the following Friday night in Chico he could pocket and extra $2000. If Forsberg wins the next two Friday nights he can pocket an extra $3000.

Shawn Jones seeked gold and found it in the wingless sprints 20 lap main event. Jones started in the third spot and tracked down early race leader Tony Godwin to take over the top spot on lap six. Pole sitter Billy Wallace would fall back in the early stages of the race before getting around Godwin on lap nine for the second spot. The race would be slowed on lap 18 for a caution as Joey Olschowka would get into the tires on the back stretch. Olschowka would be able to continue on. The cars would bunch back up on the restart however with an open track in front of him Jones went on to win over Wallace, Tim Sherman Jr, Godwin, Kyle Standley, Olschowka and Misty Castleberry. The lone heat race was claimed by Godwin who took the lead on lap two from opening lap leader Wallace.

Justin Henry found gold for himself and his new team during the opening night of completion for the Winged Economy Sprints. Henry would start inside row two for the 15 lap main event however his engine cover was not properly fastened and was flopping around. Henry bought out a caution on lap two in turn one. As the caution flew race leader Bob Conney would get together with Robert Conney on the front stretch sending Robert for a hard tumble down the front stretch bringing out the red. Robert Conney was ok. Getting the engine cover fixed Henry would restart at the tail end of the field and work himself up to the lead on lap six. The second red of the race would be brought out for Kevin Dozier; Dozier was ok. The field would bunch back up and with an open track in front of him Henry would go on to win the main event. Loren Cooney, Ron Wyman, Scott Gannett, and Jeff Macedo rounded out the top five. Justin Henry and Robert Conney won their heat races. Misty Castleberry was on the hunt for gold in the Pro 4 main event. Castleberry jumped out to the lead on the opening lap of the 20 lap main event and never looked back. Tim MacLauglin, Matt Beardslee, Blake Scroggins, and Craig Morrison rounded out the top five. Castleberry claimed the lone heat race victory.

Be sure to join us Friday March 20th, 2015 as Marysville Raceway returns to action with a special Friday night show featuring the opening night of competition for the California Sprint Car Civil War Series. The Pro 4’s will also be back in action competing alongside the Civil War Series. Front Gate opens at 5pm, Qualifying is scheduled for 6pm, and Racing action is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm. Tickets – Adults $17, Juniors/Seniors/Military/Disabled $13, Child $6, Family $40.

Winged 360 Sprint Car Feature:
1. 7C – Andy Forsberg
2. 18 – Justin Sanders
3. 21 – Colby Wiesz
4. 55 – Bud Walberg
5. 9 – Peter Paulson
6. 11VS – John Michael Bunch
7. P37 – Matt Peterson
8. 88 – Koen Shaw
9. 71L – Kevin Lovell
10. 6W – Billy Wallace
11. 49 – Mike Monahan
12. 88N – Brad Bumgarner
13. 76 – Heath Hall
14. 97 – Cortney Dozier
15. 2 – Trevor Schmid
16. 9L – Cody Lamar
17. 77 – Chris Magoon
18. 21H – Jeremy Hawes
19. 9x – D.J. Freitas
20. 2B – Jeremy Burt

Wingless Sprint Car Feature:
1. 24 – Shawn Jones
2. XX – Billy Wallace
3. 7EJ – Tim Sherman Jr.
4. 88G – Tony Godwin
5. 54 – Kyle Standley
6. 96 – Joey Olschowka
7. 95 – Misty Castleberry

Economy Sprint Car Feature:
1. 12 – Justin Henry
2. 5 – Loren Cooney
3. 5x – Ron Wyman
4. 28 – Scott Gannett
5. 3L – Jeff Macedo
6. 97 – Kevin Dozier
7. 6 – Bob Cooney
8. 9X – Robert Cooney