Perigo wins wild non-wing super sportsman feature at Path Valley

Path Valley, PA — (April 12, 2015) — Carmen Perigo won the wingless super sportsman feature Saturday night at Path Valley Speedway. Bob Gutshall, Tracy Readinger, Colby Wormre, and Stan Warner rounded out the top five.

During the feature Steve Wilbur and Tony Jackson went for a wild ride. Tony and Steve were able to walk away on their own power; however are getting checked out at the hospital this evening. Path Valley officials indicated Wilbur, who also promotes the non-wing super sportsman shows, will need to have knee surgery and will be kept overnight at Hershey Hospital.

Wingless Super Sportsman (16 cars):
1) #93 Carmen Perigo, 2) #65 Bob Gutshall, 3) 2T Tracy Readinger, 4) #07 Colby Wormer, 5) #64 Stan Warner, 6) #19 Devin Beidel, 7) #17 Brian Gontz, 8) #1 John Stehman, 9) #9 Brandon Little, 10) #59 Steve Wilbur, 11) ‪#‎64B‬ Brandon Wanner, 12) #17J Tony Jackson, 13) ‪#‎1A‬ Craig Perigo, 14) #25 Chris Meleason, 15) #18 Dave Conrad, 16) ‪#‎B1‬ Joey Biasi