Schneiderman ends Sprint Invader campaign with Burlington victory

Josh Schneiderman (Serena Dalhamer photo)

From Bill Wright

September 21, 2015 – It was the perfect way to cap off the Sprint Invaders season Saturday night! Josh Schneiderman and the Deuce Motorsports #49 captured the series finale at the 34 Raceway in their hometown of West Burlington, Iowa. Josh picked up the lead on lap nine and never looked back to record his second career Invaders victory at 34 Raceway and his fifth overall. The team is deciding where or if they will race again this Fall.

Josh drew the pole for his heat, and won it going away. “We finally had a decent draw with the Sprint Invaders,” he says. “We had been fighting that for the last four or five races. The track was fast, and it never hurts to start up front. We had quite a bit of rain there Friday, and they worked hard to get it in condition to race on. Considering the circumstances, I thought they did a great job.”

That would put him in the Dash, where he would checker fifth. “Our good luck on the draw ended when we pulled the six for the Dash,” says Josh. “Getting in there was the key. With the shake-up, you never know where you’re going to start in the feature. The track was still lightning quick and it was tough to pass.”

The redraw saw him start fourth in the feature. “We wanted to start on the outside,” says Josh. “We kind of fell into third there. Joey (Moughan) was setting a good pace out front. I bobbled on the cushion the first lap, and I knew we were going to have to do some searching around to try and pass some cars.”

The leader would suffer some misfortune, moving Josh into second. “The track came in nicely and we started rolling the bottom,” he says. “I saw that Joey broke, and that caution came at and ideal time. I was biding my time. We were pushing, but not too hard because it was early. I knew if we couldn’t get Ricky (Montgomery) in clean air, we would have a shot at him in traffic.”

That shot came on lap nine. “There was a little rut in turn two there that he caught with the right rear,” says Josh. “That messed up his line and we were able to drive underneath him. We were able to set sail and kind of stay out of trouble. We were doing well picking our way through lapped cars. The biggest thing playing in my mind was what could go wrong and make us drop out. After the year we’ve had, you start second-guessing.”

Josh would close out the win in the 30-lapper. “We’ve been close a couple times this year,” he says. “We just haven’t been able to close the deal. It’s always good to win whenever, but it’s even better to win in front of your hometown at the track you’ve cut your teeth at. It means a lot to be able to do it five minutes from home and in front of our sponsors.”

The Deuce Motorsports team is appreciative of their partners. “There are so many that I have to thank: Kathy from World of Wheels, Scott and Cindy with Universal Therapy, John Mitchell with MD Orthopedics, Brad and Laura with Morning Sun Farm Implement, Wayne and Jay from Ideal Ready Mix, Manny Rockhold with Automotive Machine and Jack and Bonnie Elam with J&J Chassis,” says Josh. “Without those folks, we wouldn’t be able to do this!”