Swindell Rockets to $7,500 Win at Randolph County

Sammy Swindell Speed Shift TV photo
Sammy Swindell Speed Shift TV photo
Sammy Swindell
Speed Shift TV photo

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MOBERLY, Mo. (April 2, 2016) – Sammy Swindell dominated the GoMuddy.com National Sprint League 360 Sprint Car Series event at Randolph County Raceway on Saturday to capture his first victory of the year.

Swindell, who was driving for A.G. Rains during the $7,500-to-win event that was co-sanctioned with the GoMuddy.com NSL 360 Show-Me Region, led all 30 laps and lapped up to ninth place at the high-banked track.


“I’ve got to thank all the guys at the NSL who put this together,” Swindell said during his postrace interview. “This is going to be a nice series and will be good for these guys.”

The event began with Swindell advancing from fourth to second place in a heat race and from fifth to win a qualifier. That earned him the most combined points and the pole position for the 30-lap main event.

It didn’t take long for Swindell to capitalize on his starting position as he quickly powered into the top spot and built a sizeable lead by the time he entered traffic on Lap 6.

Brian Brown, Danny Lasoski and Jonathan Cornell spent most of the main event in a torrid battle for the other positions on the podium as Swindell continued to add to his advantage. He led by 3.4 seconds at the midpoint of the race and by as much as six seconds in the closing laps.

Lasoski maneuvered around both Brown and Cornell on Lap 20 for the runner-up position with Derek Hagar using a late-race rally to pass both drivers as well to finish third.

However, Swindell was never within striking distance and despite running the last couple of laps conservatively he won by more than three seconds.

“We came here with a pretty good setup and was able to fine tune it a bit,” he said. “I was able to find the right line on the track. At my age I’m blessed to be here and doing this like I do. This is what we’re out here for is to win these races. It was a pretty good field here tonight so I feel like we accomplished something and maybe I’ll be driving this car a few more times.”

Brown placed fourth with Cornell rounding out the top five.

Ian Madsen rallied from 14th to sixth place to earn the Slade Shock Technology Hard Charger Award.

Chris Martin, Bryan Clauson, Anthony Nicholson and John Schultz completed the top 10, respectively.

Tyler Thomas, Brown and Lasoski each won a heat race with Brown and Swindell claiming the qualifiers.

The next GoMuddy.com NSL 360 Series event is July 1-2 at Dodge City Raceway Park in Dodge City, Kan. The GoMuddy.com NSL 360 Show-Me Region returns to action next Friday at Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa.

GoMuddy.com National Sprint League 360 Sprint Car Series Race Report: Randolph County Raceway in Moberly, Mo., on April 2, 2016 –

Heat Race #1 (8 Laps): 1. 86-Tyler Thomas (2); 2. 10c-Jeremy Campbell (5); 3. 99-John Schultz (4); 4. 9jr-Derek Hagar (8); 5. 76-Jay Russell (1); 6. 5j-Jamie Ball (7); 53-Joe Beaver (3); 8. 81a-Chris Morgan (6).

Heat Race #2 (8 Laps): 1. 21-Brian Brown (1); 2. 28-Jonathan Cornell (2); 3. 51-Mitchell Moore (3); 4. 16-Anthony Nicholson (6); 5. 18-Ian Madsen (7); 6. 75k-Zach Chappell (4); 7. 20g-Jake Greider (8); 8. 17w-Bryan Clauson (5).

Heat Race #3 (8 Laps): 1. 33-Danny Lasoski (2); 2. 3-Sammy Swindell (4); 3. 14m-Jordon Mallett (3); 4. 44-Chris Martin (5); 5. 75-Tyler Blank (6); 6. 92j-J.R. Topper (7); 7. 75e-Broc Elliott (1).

Qualifier #1 (10 Laps): 1. 21-Brian Brown (4); 2. 33-Danny Lasoski (5); 3. 28-Jonathan Cornell (3); 4. 16-Anthony Nicholson (2); 5. 75k-Zach Chappell (10); 6. 17w-Bryan Clauson (12); 7. 18-Ian Madsen (7); 8. 5j-Jamie Ball (8); 9. 14m-Jordon Mallett (1); 10. 76-Jay Russell (9); 11. 75e-Broc Elliott (11); 12. 10c-Jeremy Campbell (6).

Qualifier #2 (10 Laps): 1. 3-Sammy Swindell (5); 2. 51-Mitchell Moore (2); 3. 44-Chris Martin (1); 4. 9jr-Derek Hagar (4); 5. 99-John Schultz (3); 6. 75-Tyler Blank (7); 7. 20g-Jake Greider (9); 8. 86-Tyler Thomas (6); 9. 81a-Chris Morgan (11); 10. 53-Joe Beaver (10); 11. 92j-J.R. Topper (8).

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 3-Sammy Swindell (1); 2. 33-Danny Lasoski (3); 3. 9jr-Derek Hagar (6); 4. 21-Brian Brown (2); 5. 28-Jonathan Cornell (4); 6. 18-Ian Madsen (14); 7. 44-Chris Martin (7); 8. 17w-Bryan Clauson (13); 9. 16-Anthony Nicholson (8); 10. 99-John Schultz (9); 11. 86-Tyler Thomas (11); 12. 20g-Jake Greider (15); 13. 51-Mitchell Moore (5); 14. 53-Joe Beaver (22); 15. 10c-Jeremy Campbell (16); 16. 75k-Zach Chappell (10); 17. 75-Tyler Blank (12); 18. 75e-Broc Elliott (23); 19. 92j-J.R. Topper (21); 20. 14m-Jordon Mallett (18); 21. 5j-Jamie Ball (17); 22. 81a-Chris Morgan (19); 23. 76-Jay Russell (20). Laps led: Sammy Swindell 1-30.

(The top 12 in passing and finishing points in the heat races were inverted in the qualifiers. Overall passing and finishing points following the qualifiers determined the A Main lineup.)


NATIONAL : July 1-2 at Dodge City Raceway Park in Dodge City, Kan.

BIG HORN REGION : May 20-21 at Electric City Speedway in Great Falls, Mont.

DIAMOND REGION : Saturday at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, Ark.

NCRA/NSL REGION : April 16 at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kan.

SHOW-ME REGION : Friday at Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa

TRI-STATE REGION : April 22 at Rapid Speedway in Rock Rapids, Iowa


The Cash Bowl standings will be officially updated on Monday of each week at http://www.NationalSprintLeague.com/points.


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The National Sprint League was established in 2015 as a premier 410ci winged sprint car series focusing on the Midwest. In 2016, the series branches into the 360ci winged sprint car ranks with the GoMuddy.com National Sprint League 360 Sprint Car Series as well as five regions across the United States. For the latest news and information encompassing all of the NSL entities, visit http://www.NationalSprintLeague.com.


The GoMuddy.com NSL 360 Series has more than $500,000 up for grabs during the 2016 season. The series established the ‘Cash Bowl’ in an effort to allow racers from across the country a great opportunity to generate money. Any driver who competes in at least one national race and 15 regional races or 90 percent of any region’s events is eligible for the Cash Bowl, which pays $10 per point. The final night of a national event provides 120 points to win and eight points to start the main event. Regional races deliver 30 points to win and two points to start.

Additionally, the top five drivers in overall national and regional points at the end of the 2016 season will split more than $50,000 in bonus money with the national champion pocketing $20,000.


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