WAR Series Prepares for Hockett/McMillin Memorial

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 7, 2016) – The 6th annual Jesse Hockett/Danial McMillin Memorial will be a three-day event at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri running September 22 through September 24. The 3-day weekend will feature the BOSS Chassis WAR Sprint Car Series and the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs. The prestigious event calls for a change of format from the WAR standard.

Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23 will both be complete preliminary shows in which all competitors will participate in order to accumulate points towards the finale Saturday, September 24. Competitors will be rewarded points Thursday and Friday night each time they take to the racing surface with the top six in points at the conclusion of Friday’s event locking into Saturday night’s A-Main finale. Please see below for points breakdown.

Thursday and Friday Points Breakdown:
Heat Race:
1. 125
2. 122
3. 119
4. 116
5. 113
6. 110
7. 107
8. 104
9. 101
10. 98
B-Main: Starting with the first non-transfer.
1. 89
2. 88
3. 87
4. 86
5. 85
6. 84
7. 83
8. 82
9. 81
10. 80
1. 150
2. 142
3. 135
4. 130
5. 125
6. 122
7. 119
8. 116
9. 113
10. 110
11. 108
12. 106
13. 104
14. 102
15. 100
16. 98
17. 96
18. 94
19. 92
20. 90

The format for Thursday and Friday will follow the standard WAR Race Procedure. All drivers will draw in for heat race position. The top 16 in passing points from heat races will lock into that night’s A-Main. The FK Midwest “High Point Man” will redraw to decide the starting line-up for the top 6 in passing points for the A-Main. The remainder of the field will battle for the top 4 transfer positions in the 12 lap B-Main. The A-Main will be 25 laps to the checkered flag and standard payout.

The format for Saturday will be similar. All drivers, other than the 6 locked in competitors, will draw in for heat race position. The top 10 in passing points from heat races will transfer directly to the 30 lap A-Main. The remainder of the field will run a 12 lap B-Main with 6 cars transferring to the A-Main that will be $1,200 to win and $200 to start. The top 6 locked in drivers will redraw for their starting positions in the A-Main.
Further information on the WAR standard race procedure can be found at the following link:

Cash bonuses will be up for grabs throughout the inaugural weekend thanks to Scott Shuman of Pennsylvania. If a driver can win two of the three nights, he or she will take home a $300 cash bonus. If a driver sweeps all three nights of Lucas Oil Speedway, he or she will take home a $500 cash bonus.

The 6th annual Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin Memorial will be shown live on http://www.lucasoilracing.tv. Live coverage can also be found at http://www.racinboys.com.