Blake Hahn Captures Diamond Park Victory With ASCS Mid-South

Blake Hahn ASCS photo

By Bryan Hulbert
MURFREESBORO, Ark. (September 10, 2017)

Blake Hahn
ASCS photo

Drawing the pole of the 25 lap affair, Hahn jumped the lead twice as the first start ended in a red flag for Brian Bell, who was uninjured in the turn-two crash. Pacing ahead of Seth Bergman, the Griffith Truck and Equipment No. 52 was challenged several times by the Corridor Electric No. 23. Pulling alongside Hahn through the third and fourth turns on the hub of the track, Seth was able to come even but never clear for the lead.
Caution on Lap 8 for Justin Webb and Zach Pringle, the restart again saw Bergman work the bottom line, but was denied.
Pulling away steadily throughout the remainder of the A-Feature, Hahn would finish nearly a straightaway ahead of Seth Bergman, who had his hands full in the closing laps with Tim Crawley as the pair dashed through traffic. Crawley would ultimately finish third.
Coming up from eighth, Johnny Herrera crossed fourth with Andy McElhannon making up the top-five. Ernie Ainsworth edged Matt Covington on the line for sixth. Wally Henson, Adam Miller, and Kevin Hinkle rounded out the top-ten.
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Race Results:
ASCS Mid-South Region
Diamond Park Speedway – Murfreesboro, Ark.
Sunday, September 10, 2017
Southern Coatings Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 52-Blake Hahn, [2]; 2. 45X-Johnny Herrera, [1]; 3. 23B-Brian Bell, [6]; 4. 23-Seth Bergman, [5]; 5. 95-Matt Covington, [4]; 6. 2H-Wally Henson, [3]; 7. 32M-Adam Miller, [7]
Southern Coatings Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 88-Tim Crawley, [2]; 2. 91A-Ernie Ainsworth, [3]; 3. 42-Andy McElhannon, [4]; 4. 21B-Zach Pringle, [6]; 5. 31-Justin Webb, [5]; 6. 21-Kevin Hinkle, [1]; 7. 32X-Robert Richardson, [7]
Pizza Express of Oklahoma A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 52-Blake Hahn, [1]; 2. 23-Seth Bergman, [5]; 3. 88-Tim Crawley, [7]; 4. 45X-Johnny Herrera, [8]; 5. 42-Andy McElhannon, [6]; 6. 91A-Ernie Ainsworth, [4]; 7. 95-Matt Covington, [10]; 8. 2H-Wally Henson, [11]; 9. 32M-Adam Miller, [12]; 10. 21-Kevin Hinkle, [14]; 11. 32X-Robert Richardson, [13]; 12. 21B-Zach Pringle, [2]; 13. 31-Justin Webb, [9]; 14. 23B-Brian Bell, [3]