Dallas Hewitt Wins at Waynesfield

Dallas Hewitt. (Bill Miller photo)

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WAYNESFIELD, Ohio (8/18/18) – The second leg of Meet the Drivers Night took place Saturday night at Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio. Drivers in all classes lined the front stretch signing autographs, grabbing pictures, and giving away various gifts to young fans in attendance. On the track, points battles continued for the Quest Federal Credit Union Non Wing sprints, Satellite Connections UMP Modifieds, Block Insurance Tough Trucks, and the Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts.

The Quest Federal Credit Union Non Wing sprints took the track for their A-main. The field of 16 was brought to the opening green flag by the 6W of Scotty Weir and the 18 of Dallas Hewitt. Hewitt won the drag race into turn one and led the opening lap. The first caution of the race came with just four laps in the books for the 2 of Ricky Peterson. Peterson came to a stop on the top side of turn four. Back under green, last weekend’s winner Lee Underwood began to battle with Findlay, Ohio’s Drew Rader for the 5th spot. The battle would be cut off by a caution with just 15 laps remaining. On the restart, Kyle Simon jumped into the third spot shuffling Westfall back to the fourth. Simon held the spot for a brief moment in time before Westfall put a slider and took the spot back. When the dust settled, Dallas Hewitt came away with the victory. Scotty Weir finished in second. Matt Westfall took home third. Westfall and Hewitt claimed the heat race victories. Scotty Weir was quickest in group qualifying with a 13.451 second lap.

The Satellite Connections UMP Modifieds took the track for 20 laps of action. The field was brought to green by the 45P of Brian Post and the 36 of Brandon Vaughan. Post and Vaughan battled for the lead into the first corner and down the back stretch. Entering turn three, Post spun collecting Lenny Guyton, Cody Basinger, and Bill Keeler. Keeler took the hardest impact as his 20K machine went upside down. All drivers were OK in the incident. After a massive cleanup in turn four, the field got back underway with Shane O’Conner taking control of the field. Josh Morton and Jerry Bowersock began to battle for the 4th spot with just eight laps in the books. Morton came out on the winning side of the battle taking 4th away from Bowersock. Morton was not done yet. He made a run for third and claimed it just before the caution flag flew with 7 laps remaining in the main. On the restart, Morton challenged Vaughan for the second spot. Morton managed to get around Vaughan to take second. Shane O’Conner took home the victory. Vaughan took home third. Bill Griffith, Shane O’Conner, Brian Post, and Brent Hole took home the heat race wins. Chris Ullery and Percy Gendreau took home the B-mains. Jerry Bowersock set quick time with a 13.758 second lap.

The Block Insurance Tough Truck A-main was brought to the opening green flag by the 99A of Andy King and the C4 of Chuck Weigt. Weigt took the lead into turn one and led the opening lap. Teammate Frankie Weigt moved into the second spot in the opening laps making it Weigt Boys Racing one and two in the main. That setup was disrupted when the 67 of Kyle Fields moved into the second spot with just two laps expiring. Fields wasn’t done as he moved his 67 machine to battle for the lead. Weigt could not hold Fields back giving up the lead with just 8 laps remaining in the main. With Fields in control of the field, he worked around lap traffic trying to build up some distance between him and Frankie Weigt who was knocking on the backdoor. Weigt was just too quick and went wheel to wheel with Fields as laps ticked down. Exiting turn four, Weigt pushed Fields to the outside wall, upsetting both of their machines giving up the front spots to a gaggle of challengers behind them. Fields and Weigt finished outside the top three as a result. At his first race of the season at WRP, Rolly Heyder took home the victory. Chris Bitters came home second with Kelcey Helmig coming home third. Devon Helmig and Chris Bitters took home the heat race wins.

The Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts took the track for their 15-lap event. Justin Durflinger and Brandon Weigt led the field to the opening green flag. Durflinger and Weigt battled much of the opening lap until Durflinger managed to pull away and take control of the field. Harvey Yoder, who started on the inside of row two, began to battle with Durflinger for the lead. The battle between Yoder and Durflinger was exciting to watch as both drivers maintained a wheel to wheel battle for multiple laps. The battle would be cut short as the yellow flag flew for the 31A of Audrie Twining coming to a stop on the bottom side of turn two. Back under green, Yoder managed to grab the top spot as Devon Hower moved into the 2nd spot as laps began to wind down in the main. Hower was no match for Yoder as he took home the victory. Justin Durflinger took home second with Robbie Tuttle taking third. Devon Hower and Harvey Yoder claimed the heat race victories.

The 2018 Powder Puff event sponsored by Block Insurance, Route 81 Auto Sales, and Skinny Kenny Photos saw a field 8 trucks take the track for the exhibition race. Courtney Stauffer picked up the victory of the event. Leslie Hurd finished in second with Abbey Werling coming home in third.

Waynesfield Raceway Park with be back in action next weekend as points battles continue for the Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints, Satellite Connections UMP Modifieds, Block Insurance Tough Trucks, and Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts. Grandstand gates open at 5PM with racing getting underway at 7PM.

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Waynesfield Raceway Park
Waynesfield, OH
Saturday August 18, 2018

Qualifying: 1.6W-Scotty Weir, 13.451; 2.82-Mike Miller, 13.537; 3.2DI-Dustin Ingle, 13.588; 4.24L-Lee Underwood, 13.729; 5.33M-Matt Westfall, 13.760; 6.23S-Kyle Simon, 13.828; 7.74-Drew Rader, 13.928; 8.18-Dallas Hewitt, 14.028; 9.21-Travis Hery, 14.038; 10.19-Joe Bares, 14.290; 11.16-Jackson Slone, 14.396; 12.5A-Toby Alfrey, 14.444; 13.9N-Luke Hall, 14.486; 14.71C-Barney Craig, 14.488; 15.2-Ricky Peterson, 14.517; 16.14-Chad Wilson, 14.599;

Heat Race #1 (8 Laps): 1. 33M-Matt Westfall[1] ; 2. 82-Mike Miller[4] ; 3. 24L-Lee Underwood[2] ; 4. 21-Travis Hery[5] ; 5. 2DI-Dustin Ingle[3] ; 6. 9N-Luke Hall[8] ; 7. 5A-Toby Alfrey[7] ; 8. 19-Joe Bares[6]

Heat Race #2 (8 Laps): 1. 18-Dallas Hewitt[1] ; 2. 6W-Scotty Weir[4] ; 3. 23S-Kyle Simon[3] ; 4. 74-Drew Rader[2] ; 5. 14-Chad Wilson[8] ; 6. 16-Jackson Slone[5] ; 7. 2-Ricky Peterson[7] ; 8. 71C-Barney Craig[6]

Feature – (20 Laps): 1. 18-Dallas Hewitt[2] ; 2. 6W-Scotty Weir[1] ; 3. 33M-Matt Westfall[4] ; 4. 2DI-Dustin Ingle[9] ; 5. 23S-Kyle Simon[6] ; 6. 21-Travis Hery[7] ; 7. 9N-Luke Hall[11] ; 8. 74-Drew Rader[8] ; 9. 14-Chad Wilson[10] ; 10. 2-Ricky Peterson[14] ; 11. 16-Jackson Slone[12] ; 12. 24L-Lee Underwood[5] ; 13. 71C-Barney Craig[16] ; 14. 5A-Toby Alfrey[13] ; 15. 82-Mike Miller[3] ; 16. 19-Joe Bares[15]