Hewitt Wins a Thriller over Meseraull at Gas City

Tyler Hewitt Bob Buffenbarger photo

By Bob Buffenbarger
Gas City,In. (8-9-19)-The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series made their first ever visit to Gas City I-69 Speedway Friday night a memorable one. Tyler Hewitt won a barn burner 25 lap feature.

Hewitt and Cole Ketcham started on the front row of the main event with Gas City hot shoe Thomas Meseraull and Scotty Weir in row two. As the green flew, Weir spun in turn one. He restarted but went to the tail. On the re-start, the 41 of Ketcham jumped into the lead with Tmez and and Tyler Hewitt following.

Tmez was using the high side of the track and quickly grabbed the lead and by lap five it was Tmez, Hewitt, Ketcham, Matt Westfall and Garrett Abrams. Hewitt was using the low side and was hot on the heels of Tmez and on lap seven passed Meseraull.

The lead cars of Hewitt and Tmez were waging war with Hewitt staying on the bottom and Meseraull refusing to give up the top line. The battle continued, with Ketcham, Westfall and Abrams staying within striking distance until the red flew on lap fourteen for Cody Gardner executing a violent series of flips down the front stretch. Gardner emerged uninjured.

When racing resumed, Westfall got around Tmez for second and nearly pulled even with leader Hewitt. From then on, it got intense with the three lead cars dicing and running three wide at times. Hewitt was strong and repelled charges by Westfall but in the closing stages, Tmez used his high line and passed Hewitt for the lead in turn one but Hewitt would have none of it and got under Meseraull one last time to take the lead and the win on the final lap. Behind the lead duo was Westfall, Ketcham and Abrams.
It was Hewitt’s first feature win and he was so excited and emotional he could barely talk as Tmez walked up and give him a hug.

Heats were won by Garrett Adams, Thomas Meseraull and Cole Ketcham. The B main was won by Anthony Delassio. During the B main Michael Roehling executed a nasty series of cartwheels on the front stretch which collected Tayte Williamson who in turn flipped. Both drivers eventually exited their cars.

The track was in great shape tonight and no cars were lapped in the feature. A great night of racing.

BOSS 25 lap feature
1. Tyler Hewitt, 2.Thomas Meseraull, 3. Matt Westfall, 4.Cole Ketcham, 5.Garrett Abrams, 6.Dustin Webber, 7.Korbyn Hayslett, 8.Jacob Gordon, 9.Kory Crabtree,10.Dallas Hewitt, 11.Mike Miller, 12.JJ Hughes,13.Scotty Weir, 14.Dustin Ingle,15.Anthony Delassio, 16.Steve Little, 17.Brayden Clark, 18.Adam Byrkett, 19.Evan Mosley, 20.Cody Gardner