Decaire Wins Florida Speedweeks Feature at 417 Speedway

Eventual winner Troy DeCaire (36) battles Mike Tharp (J1) early in the race. (David Sink Photo)

By David Sink

PUNTA GORDA, FL (February 15, 2020) — Defending SSSS champion Troy DeCaire continued his hot streak dating back to the 2019 season emerging victorious for the second time in 2020 Southern Sprint Car Shootout Series (SSSS) event at 417 Speedway in Punta Gorda.

DeCaire wasted no time getting to the front of the field, when he made a three-wide assault on the leaders when the green flagged dropped. He slid quickly int o the second position by lap four and immediately contested Mike Tharp for the lead. Tharp wouldn’t relinquish the lead very easily. The duo battled hard for several laps until DeCaire finally wrestled the lead by lap 7. DeCaire would go the rest of the way uncontested to claim his second SSSS victory in as many events in 2020.

Following DeCaire to the strip were John Inman, Scotty Adema, Tommy Nichols, and Clayton Donaldson rounding out the top five.

“We were low on cars tonight” DeCaire explained in victory lane. “The track was pretty much wide open, and I could do what I wanted. When you can minimize traffic, that’s nice. I was really just trying to pace myself and keep myself in a clean racetrack and not do anything too risky”.

DeCaire was quick to appreciate the importance of running in front of a packed hose and claim a win during Speedweeks. “There were quite a few people here tonight and a few from up north that stopped in. Its good because everybody down here is paying attention to racing right now. Anytime you can add your name to the win list and check one off while everybody is looking is good” concluded DeCaire.

Southern Sprintcar Shootout
417 Southern Speedway
Punta Gorda, FL
Saturday February 15, 2020

Heat Race #1:
1. 36 – Troy DeCaire
2. 11 – Joey Aguilar
3. 5s – Tommy Nichols
4. 4 – Travis Bliiemeister
5. 92 – Ryan Adema III

Heat Race #2:
1. 5 – John Inman
2. 1 – Clayton Donaldson
3. 67 – Scotty Adema
4. J1 – Michael Tharp
5. 3 – Kenny Gibson

1. 36 – Troy DeCaire
2. 5 – John Inman
3. 67 – Scotty Adema
4. 5s – Tommy Nichols
5. 1 – Clayton Donaldson
6. 92 – Ryan Adema III
7. 11 – Joey Aguilar
8. 3 – Kenny Gibson
9. J1 – Michael Tharp
10. 4 – Travis Bliiemeister