Ruhlman Picks Up First Career 410 Sprint Car Victory at Owendale

Brian Ruhlman. (Bill Miller photo)

OWENDALE, MI (June 20, 2020) — Brian Ruhlman picked up his first career non-wing 410 sprint car victory with the Great Lakes Traditional Sprints on Saturday night at Owendale Speedway. Ruhlman started on the pole and held off multiple time GLTS champion Steve Irwin for the victory. Mike Galadja, Mike Astrauskas, and Jay Steinebach rounded out the top five.

Great Lakes Traditional Sprint Car Series
Silver Bullet Speedway
OWendale, MI
Saturday June 20, 2020

1. 49-Brian Ruhlman
2. 0-Steve Irwin
3. 2-Mike Galajda
4. 3A-Mike Astrauskas
5. 10S-Jay Steinebach
6. 9H-Gary Hayward
7. 56-Mark Irwin
8. 2T-Ralph Brakenberry
9. 00-Joe Irwin
10. 10-Cody Howard
11. 33-R.J. Payne
12. 25-Max Frank
13. 3T-Tank Brakenberry
14. 10XS-Robert Bulloch
15. 31-Jim Girard