Brock Martin Wins at Wayne County

Brock Martin. (Bob Buffenbarger photo)

By Mike Swanger
The OVSCA Sprints were in for their second visit of the season with 37 sprinters checking in with Dean Jacobs setting the fast time and would start the feature on the outside front row and lead the opening lap. Coming out of turn two on the next circuit, Orrville’s Broc Martin would power past Jacobs for the top spot and the Jim Smith Enterprises, Orrville Trucking and Accu-Force Shocks #83 was uncatchable and pick up his first win of the season. Dean Jacobs would run second until lap 18 when mechanical issues slowed the #9 sprinter and he would pull off the track. This would put Lee Jacobs into the runner up spot with a three car battle between TJ Michael, Jordan Ryan and Brandon Spithaler for third. With three laps to go, Michael would also drop from the race as Ryan secured third place but could not mount up a strong enough charge to take second from Jacobs. Spithaler would take home fourth place as Tyler Street crossed the line in fifth. Dean and Lee Jacobs along with Ryan and Ricky Peterson won the heat races. The two last chance winners were Dylan Kingan and Tom Schinderle, who also captured the hard charger award by moving up 12 positions in the feature.

Ohio Sprint Car Racing Association
Wayne County Speedway
Orrville, Ohio
Saturday July 25, 2020


Heat 1 Dean Jacobs, TJ Michael, Mitch Harble, Jamie Myers, Dylan Kingan, Jordan Harble, Clay Riney, Russ Sansosti, Steve Butler

Heat 2 Lee Jacobs, Broc Martin, Jack Sodeman Jr., Josh Davis, Chris Myers, Carl Bowser, Henry Malcuit, Dave Dickson, Bradley Ashford

Heat 3 Jordan Ryan, Tyler Street, Ryan Broughton, Jason Dolick, Tom Schinderle, Troy Kingan, Lance Webb, Layton Wagner, Andy Fike, Danial Burkhart

Heat 4 Ricky Peterson, Brandon Spithaler, RJ Jacobs, Hunter Lynch, Bryan Nuckles, Nick Patterson, Danny Mumaw, Wayne McPeek, Wyatt Zimmerman

‘B’Main 1 Dylan Kingan, Chris Myers, Jordan Harble, Henry Malcuit, Carl Bowser, Steve Butler, Dave Dickson, Bradley Ashford, Clay Riney dns, Russ Sansosti dns

‘B’Main 2 Thomas Schinderle, Bryan Nuckles, Danny Mumaw, Nick Patterson, Troy Kingan, Lance Webb, Layton Wagner, Wayne McPeek, Danial Burkhart, Wyatt Zimmerman, Andy Fike

1. 83M-Broc Martin
2. 81-Lee Jacobs
3. 22-Brandon Spithaler
4. 41-Thomas Schinderle
5. 15-Mitch Harble
6. 38K-Chris Myers
7. 22D-Josh Davis
8. 7DK-Dylan Kingan
9. 8M-TJ Michael
10. 4*-Tyler Street
11. 1-Jamie Myers
12. D12-Jason Dolick
13. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr.
14. 9-Dean Jacobs
15. 22B-Ryan Broughton
16. 19R-Jordan Ryan
17. 59-Bryan Nuckles
18. 00H-Hunter Lynch
19. 2-Ricky Peterson
20. 18J-RJ Jacobs