Justin Sanders Wins at Petaluma

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PETALUMA, CA (August 30, 2020) — Justin Sanders won the sprint car feature Sunday night at Petaluma Speedway. Sanders moved up from seventh starting spot, taking the lead after problems befell Ryan Robinson just past the halfway point in the 25-lap feature. Sanders held on the remaining distance for the victory over Andy Forsberg and Kaleb Montgomery.

Petaluma Speedway
Petaluma, California
Sunday August 30, 2020

1. 16a-Justin Sanders
2. 92-Andy Forsberg
3. 8-Kaleb Montgomery
4. 24-Chase Johnson
5. 24h-Travis Henry
6. 2x-Chase Majdic
7. 21-Michael Ing
8. 7h-Jake Haulot
9. 12j-John Clark
10. 88-Brad Bumgarner
11. 5v-Sean Becker
12. 56-Willie Croft
13. 14w-Ryan Robinson
14. 78-Bret Barney
15. 3t-Nicholas Ringo
16. 57n-Dennis Furia, Jr
17. 9n-Shawn Arriaga
18. 19-Art McCarthy
19. 2xm-Max Mittry
20. 80n-Justin Bradway