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Petaluma Speedway

Nick Robfogel Wins at Petaluma

Petaluma Speedway Petaluma, California Saturday May 29, 2021 Wingless Sprints Feature: 1. 3-Nick Robfogel 2. 3f-Geoff Ensign 3. 56-Shawn Arriaga 4. 51-Shane Hopkins 5. 36-Bob Newberry 6. 5150-Shayna Ensign 7. 9v-Cody Fendley 8. 1s-Nathan Schank […]

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Maria Cofer Tops Petaluma USAC/BCRA Challenge Feature

Powering past Brody Fuson on the eighth circuit, Maria Cofer (Macdoel, CA) led the rest of the way to claim the non-point USAC Western States and BCRA Midget win at Petaluma Speedway. Driving the family owned #57 Tule Vista Ranches / Bell Helmets Spike, Cofer’s “West Coast Stock Car / Motorsports Hall of Fame Challenge Race” victory was the second USAC triumph of her career. Frankie Guerrini, Scotty Farmer, Kyle Beilman, and Fuson rounded out the top-five drivers. […]