Youth Racers of America Event Held at National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum!

Youth Racers Photo from NSCHOF

From Bob Baker

Knoxville, IA – June 14, 2021 – The Youth Racers of America held their “Knoxville Next Gen Clinic” Sunday, June 13 at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum in Knoxville, Iowa. Youth racers aged 5-16 were able to take part in the clinic that featured advice from a number of World of Outlaws and local sprint car racers.

The event was organized by sprint car driver, McKenna Haase and featured a number of stations throughout the museum and grounds. Other drivers in attendance included Jacob Allen, Tyler Groenendyk, Davey Heskin, Kade Higday, Wayne Johnson, Kraig Kinser, Ryan Leavitt, James McFadden, Logan Schuchart, Stu Snyder and Brandon Worthington.

After their time at the museum, everyone headed to English Creek Speedway to complete their day.

In 2019, Youth Racers of America, Inc. was founded in order to create a stronger foundation for youth racers. Youth Racers of America Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designed to provide camps, clinics, safety gear, and educational resources for youth racecar drivers across the nation. YRA helps racers through 3 main categories: Current Youth Racers and Families, Families New to Youth Racing, and Career Opportunities for Teens.

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