Cam Smith Wins Mid-Season Championship Victory at Skagit

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From Kaleb Hart

ALGER, Wash. (July 10, 2021) — With a packed house on hand for Les Schwab Midseason Championship night, Cam Smith got his program back on track Saturday night at Skagit Speedway with a wire-to-wire win in the Budweiser 360 Sprints. Other feature winners were Greg Hamilton, Rick Smith and Mike Macpherson.

Smith sat on the outside of the front row for the start of the feature and took full advantage, jumping to an early lead and setting a blistering pace as he ran towards the back of the field. Fellow front row starter Chase Goetz closed in on him a few times, but never to where he could make a big run on Smith, who took the victory ahead of Colton Heath and Goetz. Heath and Goetz won the heats while Jason Solwold was fast time.

18 cars contested the main for the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints. Greg Hamilton ended up taking the win, making smart moves in traffic to hold off the field for his first victory in the Bill Rude owned car. Justin Youngquist raced from 8th to 2nd while Eric Turner was third. Jesson Jacobson was fast time and heat wins went to Youngquist, Hamiliton and Cory Swatzina.

The Skagit Aggregates Modifieds put on an entertaining main event, with Rick Smith coming to win his third feature of the year. Craig Moore had held the lead, but a series of cautions and restarts let Smith work his way up the field and have a decent shot at Moore just beyond the halfway point of the main. Using the high groove, Smith powered past Moore and on to the eventual win, with Moore settling for second and Adam Holtrop running third. Heat race winners were Kyler Moore and Smith.

“Big Money” Mike Macpherson continued his roll in the Outlaw Tuner division with another wire to wire main event win. Macpherson held off a hard charging Howard Vos late to secure the win, with Vos taking second and Jon Gunderson third. Jon Edwards won the first heat race, while Macpherson won heat 2.

Skagit Speedway
Alger, Washington
Saturday, July 10, 2021

Winged 360 Sprint Cars

1. 18-Jason Solwold[2]
2. 22X-Brinton Marvel[6]
3. 59-Eric Fisher[8]
4. 96-Greg Hamilton[10]
5. 33-Colton Heath[11]
6. 10L-Brock Lemley[7]
7. 17-Cam Smith[4]
8. 14B-Chase Goetz[9]
9. 0-Ashleigh Johnson[3]
10. 29W-Steven James[5]
11. 66-Brett McGhie[1]

Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 33-Colton Heath[2]
2. 17-Cam Smith[1]
3. 18-Jason Solwold[4]
4. 59-Eric Fisher[3]
5. 0-Ashleigh Johnson[5]
6. 66-Brett McGhie[6]

Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. 14B-Chase Goetz[1]
2. 96-Greg Hamilton[3]
3. 29W-Steven James[5]
4. 10L-Brock Lemley[2]
5. 22X-Brinton Marvel[4]

A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 17-Cam Smith[2]
2. 33-Colton Heath[4]
3. 14B-Chase Goetz[1]
4. 10L-Brock Lemley[3]
5. 18-Jason Solwold[8]
6. 59-Eric Fisher[6]
7. 0-Ashleigh Johnson[9]
8. 66-Brett McGhie[11]
9. 22X-Brinton Marvel[7]
10. 96-Greg Hamilton[5]
11. 29W-Steven James[10]

Sportsman Sprints

1. 22J-Jesson Jacobson[3]
2. 23-Steve Parker[8]
3. 99-Malachi Gemmer[2]
4. 29-Eric Turner[16]
5. 90-Corey Summers[13]
6. 8-Tom Weiss[6]
7. 24-Jordi Meese[5]
8. 79K-Greg Hamilton[7]
9. 33-Bill Rude[17]
10. 95-Justin Youngquist[4]
11. 21Z-Keira Zylstra[11]
12. 2-Cory Swatzina[14]
13. 57-James Bundy[15]
14. 4-Allison Johnson[18]
15. 10-Theron Smith[1]
16. 17D-Dana Glenn[12]
17. 87-Jeff Pearson[9]
18. 51-Dustin Gehring[10]

Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 95-Justin Youngquist[1]
2. 24-Jordi Meese[2]
3. 29-Eric Turner[3]
4. 57-James Bundy[5]
5. 22J-Jesson Jacobson[4]
6. 17D-Dana Glenn[6]

Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. 79K-Greg Hamilton[2]
2. 21Z-Keira Zylstra[1]
3. 23-Steve Parker[4]
4. 90-Corey Summers[3]
5. 4-Allison Johnson[5]
6. 87-Jeff Pearson[6]

Heat Race #3 (8 Laps)
1. 2-Cory Swatzina[1]
2. 33-Bill Rude[2]
3. 99-Malachi Gemmer[4]
4. 8-Tom Weiss[3]
5. 10-Theron Smith[5]
6. 51-Dustin Gehring[6]

A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 79K-Greg Hamilton[1]
2. 95-Justin Youngquist[10]
3. 29-Eric Turner[5]
4. 90-Corey Summers[4]
5. 23-Steve Parker[7]
6. 24-Jordi Meese[2]
7. 17D-Dana Glenn[16]
8. 22J-Jesson Jacobson[8]
9. 4-Allison Johnson[14]
10. 10-Theron Smith[15]
11. 57-James Bundy[13]
12. 87-Jeff Pearson[17]
13. 99-Malachi Gemmer[6]
14. 2-Cory Swatzina[12]
15. 33-Bill Rude[9]
16. 21Z-Keira Zylstra[11]
17. 8-Tom Weiss[3]
18. 51-Dustin Gehring[18]