DeCaire Wins Must See Racing Feature at Montgomery

Troy DeCaire. (David Sink photo)

MONTGOMERY, AL (October 8, 2021) — Troy DeCaire won the Must See Racing sprint car series feature victory Friday at Montgomery Motor Speedway. Charlie Schultz, Joe Ligouri, Kevin Feeney, and T.J. Jewell rounded out the top five.

Must See Racing
Montgomery Motor Speedway
Montgomery, Alabama
Friday, October 8, 2021

1. 36-Troy DeCaire
2. 9S-Charlie Schultz
3. 13-Joe Ligouri
4. 6K-Kevin Feeney
5. 7-T.J. Jewell
6. 8A-Adam Blitz
7. 55-Tommy Nichols
8. 90-Joshua Sexton
9. 16-Nolan Allison
10. 85-Rick Holley
11. 18-Dave Mader
12. 2-Todd McQuillen
13. 26-Jeff Bloom