Grimm Wins Southern Sprint Car Series Feature at Citrus County

L.J. Grimm. (David Sink photo)

INVERNESS, FL (February 5, 2022) — L.J. Grimm won the Southern Sprint Car Series feature Saturday at Citrus County Speedway. Grimm passed Davey Hamilton, Jr. on lap six and drove away for the victory. Daniel Miller, Tommy Nichols, Davey Hamilton Jr, and Aaron Pierce rounded out the top five.

Southern Sprint Car Series
Citrus County Speedway
Inverness, Florida
Saturday, March 5, 2022

1. 88-L.J. Grimm
2. 5-Daniel Miller
3. 55-Tommy Nichols
4. 14-Davey Hamilton Jr.
5. 26-Aaron Pierce
6. 25-Bruce Brantley
7. 32-Sonny Hartley
8. 44-Gary Wiggins
9. 3x-Bo Hartley
10. 22x-Steven Hollinger
11. 5s-Garrett Green
12. 33-Stan Butler
13. 88a-Sport Allen
14. 93-Dude Teate