Danny Varin Leads All 25 Laps and Picks Up the Win at Utica Rome pocketing $3,000

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By Paul Harkenrider
(Vernon, NY) Danny Varin was no match for the rest of the 24-car field as he took the family-owned No. 01 car to victory lane for the first time in PST competition in 2022 and the third of his career.

Varin and Quebec driver Jordan Poirier would ignite the field to the green flag, and after the first lap was the event’s lone caution. After that restart, Varin would pull away from Poirier and Shawn Donath along with Davie Franek and Jordan Thomas.

Varin would use clean air to his advantage before encountering lap traffic on lap seven, allowing Poirier to reel Varin back in. However, Varin was very methodical in getting through lap cars that Poirier was never close enough to attempt to take the lead.

Poirier also had Donath, Franek, and Jordan Thomas all behind him, but Poirier maintained his second-place spot throughout the event.

Franek contested Donath for third several times riding the high side, but just could not identify enough speed to get by him.

It would be the same story for Jason Barney, who was trying to crack himself into the top five but was held off by Jordan Thomas.

Ultimately, Varin won over Jordan Poirier, Shawn Donath, Davie Franek, and Jordan Thomas. Heat race wins went to Davie Franek, Shawn Donath, and Jordan Poirier. The Bonnells Rod Shop Dash for Cash went to former PST Series Champion Sammy Reakes. Among other platinum drivers, Jonathan Preston finished 14th, Dalton Rombough finished 15th, Dave Axton finished 17th, Jordan Hutton finished 21st, and Steve Glover finished 24th.

The series will head to Fonda Speedway next Saturday, June 25, for another $3,000 to win and it is the Earl Halaquist memorial. Those who want to purchase a lap sponsor can contact Thomas Schmeh via facebook or by emailing iowabasedtraveler@yahoo.com.

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PST Quick Results

A-Main: 1) 01-DANNY VARIN (1), 2) 28- Jordan Poirier 3) 53- Shawn Donath 4) 28f- Davie Franek 5) 79- Jordan Thomas 6) 87B- Jason Barney 7) 7c- Dylan Swiernik 8) 45- Chuck Hebing 9) 17- Sammy Reakes 10) 10-Paulie Colagiovanni 11) 77- Matt Tanner 12) 9- Josh Pieniazek 13) 99- Mike Kiser 14) 22- Jonathan Preston 15) 41- Dalton Rombough 16) 3- Denny Peebles 17) 2- Dave Axton 18) 23- Tyler Cartier 19) 1HD- Cory Sparks 20) 14B- Brett Wright 21) 66- Jordan Hutton 22) 41M- Chase Moran 23) 21B- Blake Warner 24) 67- Steve Glover

Heat 1: 1) 28f- Davie Franek 2) 10-Paulie Colagiovanni 3) 77- Matt Tanner 4) 17- Sammy Reakes 5) 66- Jordan Hutton 6) 9- Josh Pieniazek 7) 1HD Cory Sparks 8) 41M- Chase Moran

Heat 2: 1) 53- Shawn Donath 2) 7C- Dylan Swiernik 3) 87B- Jason Barney 4) 99- Mike Kiser 5) 2- Dave Axton 6) 14B- Brett Wright 7) 3- Denny Peebles 8) 23- Tyler Cartier

Heat 3: 1) 28- Jordan Poirier 2) 01- Danny Varin 3) 79- Jordan Thomas 4) 22- Jonathan Preston 5) 67- Steve Glover 6) 45- Chuck Hebing 7) 41- Dalton Rombough 8) 21B Blake Warner