Stark Sweeps BMARA Program at Dubuque

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By Loren Kelly

Kyle Stark

Dubuque, IA July 10, 2022– Kyle Stark made the decision to enter the Midget ranks last season with the Advanced Fastening Supply Badger Midget Series, and took to the cars quickly, earning Rookie of the Year honors in the process. Next on his list would be a BMARA Feature Win.

Consider that box checked.

Stark started from the 6th position in Sunday’s Feature, after already sweeping Qualifying and his heat race. Stark’s #2 machine immediately popped to the top side of the Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway and began to work its way to the front. Third starting Derek Doerr took the lead on lap one from pole sitter Kevin Battefeld and began to build a gap to Battefeld, Mike Stroik and Todd Kluever behind him. Kluever was also up on the top side of the speedway running just in front of Stark, as the #55 car moved around both Stroik and Battefeld on lap three to take over the second position.

Stark had a little more trouble bypassing the duo of Stroik and Battefeld, but eventually eclipsed Stroik on lap four and then Battefeld on lap six in quick succession. Meanwhile Derek Doerr had built a commanding lead over Kluever, the gap nearing a straightaway’s length as Kluever began to come under heavy fire from Stark for second. Kluever took his 55 car back to the low side of the racing surface and that was all the encouragement Stark needed, as the 1855 Saloon & Grill #2 machine ripped the cushion in turns 3 and 4 to take the runner up spot away with 15 laps remaining.

Doerr now found himself in lapped traffic as Stark began to slowly but surely chip away at the lead. As Doerr was held up behind the 9K of Bryon Walters and the 38 of Kurt Mayhew, Stark started to take huge chunks out of Doerr’s advantage and pulled even with the 20D on lap 15. A spectacular three wide move in traffic by Doerr was not enough, as moments later the red and white #2 car flew around the top side and grabbed the lead with 9 laps remaining.

The final nine circuits remained caution free, and Kyle Stark picked up his first ever Badger Midget Feature in dominating fashion, with Derek Doerr taking second. Todd Kluever finished in 3rd, Zach Boden crossed the line to take 4th and the night’s Advanced Racing Suspensions Hard Charger Award, with Kevin Battefeld taking 5th as the final car on the lead lap.

“I figured the outside was going to be the way to go in the A Main.” The 2021 BMARA Rookie of the Year said in Victory Lane. “The bottom got super slick early on and a lot of guys were down there. Last year the bottom was the preferred line and this year the track was pretty good and I could make the top work all night long. The crew just gave me an amazing car tonight.”

Sunday’s Schoenfeld Quick Time Award went to Kyle Stark, Auto Meter Heat 1 was won by Derek Doerr, and Kyle Stark took the checkered flag in Simpson Race Products Heat 2. Mike Stroik went home with the Howard Law Cash Draw, and the Oliver Motors “First Out of the A Main” was awarded to Aaron Muhle after a strong showing early on. The Cartopia “First Out of the Event” went to Kevin Douglas.

The Advanced Fastening Supply Badger Midgets move ahead to an action packed Double Header weekend. Saturday night the series will head to the Plymouth Dirt Track at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds with racing set to get underway at 6PM. Sunday it’s back to the Angell Park Speedway for the Salute to Brian Gapinski with the MSA 360 Winged Sprints also on the card. Opening Ceremonies are set for 6PM with racing to follow.

Badger Midget Auto Racing Association
Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway
Dubuque, Iowa
Sunday, July 10, 2022

Qualifying (50 Laps)
1. 2-Kyle Stark, 15.565[11]
2. 55-Todd Kluever, 15.628[10]
3. 24-Aaron Muhle, 15.730[12]
4. 20D-Derek Doerr, 15.773[6]
5. 9S-Mike Stroik, 16.015[18]
6. 9K-Bryon Walters, 16.071[1]
7. 15C-RJ Corson, 16.101[7]
8. 42-Kevin Battefeld, 16.130[16]
9. 40JR-Dave Collins Jr, 16.214[9]
10. 98-Jordan Nelson, 16.405[4]
11. 19E-Daltyn England, 16.452[14]
12. 34-Ken Hanson, 16.530[13]
13. 38-Kurt Mayhew, 16.807[2]
14. 59-Kyle Koch, 16.859[17]
15. 56-Charles Rufi, 16.949[19]
16. 10-Denny Smith, 17.213[3]
17. 29-Harrison Kleven, 17.558[15]
18. 5K-Kevin Douglas, 17.647[5]
19. 51-Zach Boden, 18.000[8]

Auto Meter Heat Race #1 (10 Laps)
1. 20D-Derek Doerr[7]
2. 55-Todd Kluever[8]
3. 42-Kevin Battefeld[5]
4. 10-Denny Smith[1]
5. 34-Ken Hanson[3]
6. 9K-Bryon Walters[6]
7. 59-Kyle Koch[2]
8. 98-Jordan Nelson[4]
DNS: 5K-Kevin Douglas

Simpson Race Products Heat Race #2 (10 Laps)
1. 2-Kyle Stark[8]
2. 9S-Mike Stroik[6]
3. 40JR-Dave Collins Jr[4]
4. 51-Zach Boden[10]
5. 24-Aaron Muhle[7]
6. 15C-RJ Corson[5]
7. 19E-Daltyn England[3]
8. 38-Kurt Mayhew[2]
9. 29-Harrison Kleven[9]
10. 56-Charles Rufi[1]

A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 2-Kyle Stark[6]
2. 20D-Derek Doerr[3]
3. 55-Todd Kluever[5]
4. 51-Zach Boden[10]
5. 42-Kevin Battefeld[1]
6. 9S-Mike Stroik[2]
7. 15C-RJ Corson[11]
8. 40JR-Dave Collins Jr[7]
9. 19E-Daltyn England[13]
10. 98-Jordan Nelson[16]
11. 59-Kyle Koch[14]
12. 38-Kurt Mayhew[15]
13. 10-Denny Smith[9]
14. 29-Harrison Kleven[17]
15. 56-Charles Rufi[19]
16. 34-Ken Hanson[8]
17. 9K-Bryon Walters[12]
18. 24-Aaron Muhle[4]
DNS: 5K-Kevin Douglas