Aaron Reutzel Reigns Victorious in POWRi 410 BOSS at Lee County Speedway

Aaron Reutzel at Lee County Allen Horcher photo

From POWRi
Belleville, IL. (5/19/23) Aaron Reutzel would lead twenty-eight of the thirty laps of the second event for the 2023 season in the POWRi 410 Bandit Outlaw Sprint Series to notch his first career series feature victory at Lee County Speedway on Friday.

Cruising onto the track with thirty entries, Aaron Reutzel would clock a quick qualifying track record time with a 13.927-second lap time as heat racing action would witness Aaron Reutzel, Blake Hahn, Paul Neinhiser, and Brian Brown each earn an early victory with Tyler Lee earning the lone semi-feature event.

Going into the initial green flag start would find high-point qualifier and pole-sitter Aaron Reutzel battling outside front-row companion Michael “Buddy” Kofoid into the first pair of corners as Reutzel would gain the early racing advantage.

Appearing to be the fastest driver on the circuit, Aaron Reutzel would lead the first few laps until a speedy Buddy Kofoid would overtake for the lead only to see a mid-race caution bunch the field back together.

Using the restart to his advantage on the choose-cone possibilities, Aaron Reutzel would shoot to the point of the field to overtake for the lead on Kofoid. Reutzel would hold on to lead the remainder of racing laps and secure the front of the field to claim the feature win as Michael Kofoid placed runner-up with Aryton Gennetten earning the final podium placement.

“I knew Buddy was fast on the bottom and I didn’t have a choice as to where to drive, the restart came a perfect time and I just had to hang on after the squirrels caused the late caution,” said a winning Aaron Reutzel in the Lee County Speedway award ceremony.

Running smooth and gaining ground late would find see Ian Madsen finish fourth from starting seventh as Joe B Miller rounded out the top-five finishers for the POWRi 410 Bandit Outlaw Sprint Series at Lee County Speedway in Donnellson Iowa on Friday.

Lee County Speedway | POWRi 410 Bandit Outlaw Sprint Series | 5/19/23:
Hoosier Racing Tire Quick Time: 8-Aaron Reutzel (13.927)
Advanced Racing Suspension Heat Race 1 Winner: 8-Aaron Reutzel
Auto Meter Heat Race 2 Winner: 52-Blake Hahn
Schure Built Suspensions Heat Race 3 Winner: 50-Paul Neinhiser
AFCO Racing Heat Race 4 Winner: 21-Brian Brown
Max Papis Innovation Semi-Feature Winner: 7-Tyler Lee
MVT Services High Point Qualifier: 8-Aaron Reutzel
Super Clean Hard Charger: 22-Riley Goodno(+7)
Toyota Racing Development Feature Winner: 8-Aaron Reutzel

Toyota Racing Development A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 8-Aaron Reutzel[1]; 2. 71-Michael Kofoid[2]; 3. 19-Ayrton Gennetten[3]; 4. 2KS-Ian Madsen[7]; 5. 51B-Joe B Miller[4]; 6. 52-Blake Hahn[6]; 7. 21X-Brian Brown[10]; 8. 24-Garet Williamson[9]; 9. 44-Carson Short[13]; 10. 88-Austin McCarl[5]; 11. 22-Riley Goodno[18]; 12. 22S-Slater Helt[14]; 13. 44X-Chris Martin[15]; 14. 74-Xavier Doney[21]; 15. 1-Trevin Littleton[23]; 16. 7A-Will Armitage[22]; 17. 79-Gage Montgomery[20]; 18. 21-Gunner Ramey[16]; 19. 7-Tyler Lee[17]; 20. 50-Paul Nienhiser[8]; 21. 15X-Bobby Mincer[19]; 22. 6-Carson McCarl[12]; 23. 11-Roger Crockett[11].

Max Papis Innovations B Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 7-Tyler Lee[2]; 2. 22-Riley Goodno[4]; 3. 15X-Bobby Mincer[1]; 4. 79-Gage Montgomery[3]; 5. 74-Xavier Doney[5]; 6. 7A-Will Armitage[7]; 7. 11X-Colton Fisher[8]; 8. 15-Jack Potter[12]; 9. 1-Trevin Littleton[6]; 10. 122-Lane Warner[13]; 11. 16-Dustin Clark[10]; 12. 31-McCain Richards[14]; 13. 4-Chase Richards[9]; 14. 1S-Joey Schmidt[11].

Advanced Racing Suspensions Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 8-Aaron Reutzel[4]; 2. 51B-Joe B Miller[3]; 3. 6-Carson McCarl[1]; 4. 22S-Slater Helt[5]; 5. 7-Tyler Lee[7]; 6. 1-Trevin Littleton[8]; 7. 16-Dustin Clark[6]; 8. 79-Gage Montgomery[2].

Auto Meter Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 52-Blake Hahn[2]; 2. 71-Michael Kofoid[4]; 3. 2KS-Ian Madsen[3]; 4. 44X-Chris Martin[5]; 5. 15X-Bobby Mincer[1]; 6. 11X-Colton Fisher[6]; 7. 122-Lane Warner[7]; 8. 31-McCain Richards[8].

Schure Built Suspensions Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 50-Paul Nienhiser[2]; 2. 19-Ayrton Gennetten[4]; 3. 24-Garet Williamson[3]; 4. 21-Gunner Ramey[5]; 5. 22-Riley Goodno[1]; 6. 4-Chase Richards[7]; 7. 1S-Joey Schmidt[6].

AFCO Racing Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 21X-Brian Brown[2]; 2. 44-Carson Short[1]; 3. 88-Austin McCarl[4]; 4. 11-Roger Crockett[3]; 5. 74-Xavier Doney[7]; 6. 7A-Will Armitage[5]; 7. 15-Jack Potter[6].

Hoosier Tire Qualifying 1 (2 Laps): 1. 8-Aaron Reutzel, 00:13.927[23]; 2. 71-Michael Kofoid, 00:13.940[14]; 3. 19-Ayrton Gennetten, 00:14.075[19]; 4. 88-Austin McCarl, 00:14.126[24]; 5. 51B-Joe B Miller, 00:14.149[4]; 6. 2KS-Ian Madsen, 00:14.151[2]; 7. 24-Garet Williamson, 00:14.157[5]; 8. 11-Roger Crockett, 00:14.270[11]; 9. 79-Gage Montgomery, 00:14.328[12]; 10. 52-Blake Hahn, 00:14.364[17]; 11. 50-Paul Nienhiser, 00:14.403[1]; 12. 21X-Brian Brown, 00:14.439[16]; 13. 6-Carson McCarl, 00:14.453[7]; 14. 15X-Bobby Mincer, 00:14.479[6]; 15. 22-Riley Goodno, 00:14.512[10]; 16. 44-Carson Short, 00:14.517[18]; 17. 22S-Slater Helt, 00:14.564[26]; 18. 44X-Chris Martin, 00:14.575[21]; 19. 21-Gunner Ramey, 00:14.873[22]; 20. 7A-Will Armitage, 00:15.082[20]; 21. 16-Dustin Clark, 00:15.106[3]; 22. 11X-Colton Fisher, 00:15.107[13]; 23. 1S-Joey Schmidt, 00:15.143[25]; 24. 15-Jack Potter, 00:15.174[8]; 25. 7-Tyler Lee, 00:15.460[28]; 26. 122-Lane Warner, 00:15.607[27]; 27. 4-Chase Richards, 00:15.938[9]; 28. 74-Xavier Doney, 00:15.943[29]; 29. 1-Trevin Littleton, 00:16.107[15]; 30. 31-McCain Richards, 00:17.182[30].

Next up the POWRi 410 Bandit Outlaw Sprint Series will be in action at Lake Ozark Speedway, in Eldon Missouri, on Saturday, May 20.
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