Blonde Blasts to Berlin Victory

From Berlin Raceway, Tom DeVette Photo

Marne, MI — (September 3, 2011) — The Auto Value Super Sprints returned to Berlin Raceway on Saturday night and the racing was fast and breathtaking. Jason Blonde picked up the feature victory.

The Auto Value Super Sprints were the final race of the night and the 30-lap feature and it was the #20K of Kyle Flint and #42 Kevin Feeney on the front row. Caution was out before a lap was complete for problems on the #37 machine of Hank Lower. This resulted in a complete restart and Feeney was wall over Flint and #26 Jeff Bloom was lurking in third. The top three had spread out and the car on the move was #10S Jason Blonde and Bloom caught Feeney on lap 6 just as Flint was lapping cars. Both Bloom and Blonde got past Feeney on lap ten. Blonde was putting the heat on Bloom on lap 12, but the caution came out and halted that battle. The caution was for the #61 of Jeff Rankin. On the restart, Blonde was quick to jump to the outside and passed both Bloom and Flint and just as that lap was completed, the caution was out again, this time for the #8 EJ Calloway. Blonde rocketed away from the field and then it was the #24 of Bill Tyler who was moving up, passing Bloom for third and then went to work on reeling in Flint. At halfway, Blonde had over a three second lead. There was just no touching Blonde tonight, he left only three cars on the lead lap and got the win by a dominating 11.230 seconds and just as the checkered flag fell, as did the rain. Tyler got second and the rest of the top ten were #46 Jim Swain, Flint, #99 Derek Snyder, Feeney, #70 Sondi Eden, #23 Scott O’Conner, #98 Kyle Feeney and Rankin.