Bill Tyler Grabs AVSS Main Event at Owosso Speedway

By Duane Turner

Bill Tyler from Parma, MI took his first feature event in seven years by edging Mike Ling, and Doug Stepke at the Owosso Speedway. “Wow, seven years. I had to get one, as my son Toby has been giving me grief this summer about his three feature wins.” Stated Tyler in victory lane. “I need to thank the whole team. Bob, Dave, Tony, Butch and all the families for the time they put in to this. Hamilton Trucking, Bingham Farms, Joe Montgomery Builders, Sweet Manufacturing, Joe Gibbs Racing Oil and Dowker Engines have supported me most of my career.”

Mike Astrauskas and Kyle Flint brought the 20 car field down to the green to start the 30 lap main event. The front duo race side by side in to turn one, with Flint taking a slight lead as they exited turn two. Astrauskas stayed close for the first several laps, sticking a nose under Flint, but Flint was able to use the high side of the speedway to maintain the lead. The action behind the leaders was just as close. Ryan Litt made a move to take over 5th on the sixth lap, while Tyler and Geoff Kaiser battled for third and fourth.

By the tenth lap, Flint had built up a small lead, while Tyler and Kaiser closed in on Astrauskas to set up a three way battle for the runner up spot. A few laps later, Kaiser was able to make the pass on Tyler to take over third, then quickly made the pass for second over Astrauskas one lap later.

Just as Kaiser caught the leader on lap 14, heavy lapped traffic would prove to be difficult for the race leaders. Kaiser made a move for the top position, but made contact with Flint and Kaiser would spin in to the infield bringing out the caution. The restart would have Flint out front, followed by Astrauskas, and Tyler. When the race resumed, Astrauskas again would pull alongside Flint, but was unable to complete the pass.

At the halfway mark, Mike Ling began to make an appearance as he move past Litt for the 4th position. A lap later, Tyler was able to pass for the second position, and set his sights on Flint for the race lead. However, a caution would come out before a lap was completed, moving Tyler back to third. On the restart, Flint, Astrauskas, and Tyler would all race for the lead, while Ling moved in on the front three. Tyler was able to secure the runner up spot a lap later, and set his sights on Flint for the race lead.

On the 18th circuit, Tyler made a bid for the lead on the low side of turns one and two. He would complete the pass down the back straight, while Doug Stepke would take over fourth with a pass over Ling. Less than a lap later, Stepke would also pass Astrauskas to take over third, bringing Ling with him to fourth. With nine laps to go, Tyler was increasing his lead, while Stepke, and Ling would challenge Flint for the second position. Stepke would take the spot with eight laps remaining, while Ling would take third from Flint one lap later.

Just as it appeared Tyler would grab the win, a caution would wave with just three laps remaining. The restart would allow hard chargers Stepke, and Ling to close in on Tyler setting up a three lap dash for the win. When the green flew, Tyler held his ground, leaving Stepke and Ling to battle for second. Ling would grab the position as the white flag waved, and quickly closed in on the back bumper of Tyler for the lead as they headed in to the final corner.

At the checkered, Tyler hold on for his 27th AVSS win, winning by one car length over Ling, who edged Stepke in third. Tanner Swanson, and hard charging Steve Irwin after starting 13th would round out the top five. Flint, Kevin Feeney, Steve Smith, Astrauskas, and Jim Dolph were the top ten. Tyler, Ling and Kevin Feeney brought home the heat race victories, while Kaiser set fast time with a 13.030 second lap at 103.61 miles per hour. Up next for the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints is a co-sanctioned event with the Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series at New Paris Speedway in New Paris, Indiana on Saturday, July 14th. Then the AVSS moves to the famed Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan on Saturday, July 21st. For more information on the AVSS, visit their official website at, or their facebook page at and click “Like” today!

1) 7 Geoff Kaiser 13.030 2) 42 Ryan Litt 13.341 3) 7s Doug Stepke 13.379 4) 22 Derek Snyder 13.440 5) 64 Tanner Swanson 13.442 6) 61 Kevin Feeney 13.462 7) 24 Bill Tyler 13.476 8) 3a Mike Astrauskas 13.516 9) 20k Kyle Flint 13.532 10) 61k Kyle Feeney 13.654 11) 99 Mike Ling 13.682 12) 71 Steve Smith 13.757 13) 10 Steve Irwin 13.807 14) 6k Jay Rohrback 14.298 15) 66 Kyle Stepke 14.350 16) x Chad Levingston 14.442 17) 6 Jim Dolph 14.454 18) 100 Jim Payne 14.545 19) 69 Tracy Rice 15.371 20) 3 Phil Rutledge 15.996 21) 11g Tom Garen No Time

Heat Race 1:
1) 24 Bill Tyler 2) 10 Steve Irwin 3) 7 Geoff Kaiser 4) 22 Derek Snyder 5) x Chad Levingston 6) 61k Kyle Feeney 7) 69 Tracy Rice

Heat Race 2:
1) 99 Mike Ling 2) 64 Tanner Swanson 3) 42 Ryan Litt 4) 6 Jim Dolph 5) 3a Mike Astrauskas 6) 6k Jay Rohrback 7) 3 Phil Rutledge

Heat Race 3:
1) 61 Kevin Feeney 2) 20k Kyle Flint 3) 7s Doug Stepke 4) 71 Steve Smith 5) 100 Jim Payne 6) 11g Tom Garen 7) 66 Kyle Stepke

30 Lap A-Main:
1) 24 Bill Tyler 2) 99 Mike Ling 3) 7s Doug Stepke 4) 64 Tanner Swanson 5) 10 Steve Irwin 6) 20k Kyle Flint 7) 61 Kevin Feeney 8) 71 Steve Smith 9) 3a Mike Astrauskas 10) 6 Jim Dolph 11) 7 Geoff Kaiser 12) 42 Ryan Litt 13) c Chad Levingston 14) 11 Tom Garen 15) 61k Kyle Feeney 16) 66 Kyle Stepke 17) 6k Jay Rohrback 18) 3 Phil Rutledge 19) 100 Jim Payne 20) 69 Tracy Rice DNS 22 Derek Snyder