Butler Main to Nic Rogers

From Tom Willavize

Nic Rogers charged into the lead and held off a hard charging Chris Jones to capture his 1st career A feature win in the 5th Annual Josh Hadley Memorial Mid Season Championships at Butler Motor Speedway. The race would see point leader Doug Zimmerman go to the tail early in the race after contact with Tom Davies. Zimmerman would charge from the rear back to 4th place. Rogers, who runs a partial schedule at Butler, also runs some non winged events.

Butler Speedway Results – July 14, 2012
Winged Sprints
Feature: 1. 7 Nic Rogers , 2. 23J Chris Jones, 3. 9 Len Robison, 4. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 5. 21T Troy Chehowski, 6. 96 Josh Mohr, 7. 44 Tom Davies, 8. 27 Shelby Bilton, 9. 50 Mike Burns, 10. 12B Mike Baker, 11. 9Q Ken Quimby , 12. 27K Ryan Kirkendall, 13. 61X Don Smith, 14. 29S Marques Huffer, 15. 18 DJ Lamance Jr, 16. 8 Aaron Huff, 17. 64M Chuck Mohr
Heat Winners: Doug Zimmerman, Ryan Kirkendall