Coniam Wins ISMA Feature at Delaware

Ryan Coniam. - Image courtesy of Delaware International Speedway
Ryan Coniam. - Image courtesy of Delaware International Speedway

From Delaware, ON — (August 3, 2012) — The World’s Most Powerful Short Track Cars lived up to their name Friday evening. Ryan Coniam (#46) of Laguna Beach, CA won the 35-lap ISMA Supermodified feature after leading the entire race, passing polesitter Johnny Benson on the opening lap. Johnny Benson (#74) of Cornelius, NC placed second and Rob Summers (#11) of Vernon, CT placed third.

A large audience attended the race to see the winged cars tear up the track and they were not disappointed. On the fourth lap, the plastic screen covering the Coca-Cola scoreboard was shaken onto the race track by the power of the engines resulting in a caution.

On the seventh lap there were a trio of cautions, before the remainder of the race ran caution free. The win is the first for Coniam in ISMA Supermodified competition.

“This is a really big to win in Canada, to win an ISMA show,” said Coniam in victory lane. “The race car is solid, a good car and good engine can make a driver look awful good.”

Notes… Mike Ordway pulled in lap 7 out for the night with mechanicals….Dave McKnight crashed the 70 earlier in the day and did not make feature. They are trying to fix the car for Saturday…Tim Ice has flat tire bringing out the caution, pits, returns, finishes 11th…Duggan and Rayvals bring out one of multiple yellows on lap 7…Sondi Eden, Crawfordsville, IN, drove Lehnert 92 at Delaware Friday. Gillingham 5 should be her ride Saturday and Rich Reid should be in the 92.


Heat 1: Bob Dawson, Bob Magner, Timmy Jedrzejek, Dan Bowes, Moe Lilje, Mike Lichty, Sondi Eden, Mike Hooper

Heat 2: Tim Ice, Johnny Benson, Dave Duggan, Ryan Coniam, Ben Seitz, Eddie Witkum Jr., Terry Simpson

Heat 3: Jeff Locke, Rob Summers, Lou Cicconi, Mike Ordway, Mark Sammut, Craig Rayvals, Aj Lesiecki

Feature (35): 1. Ryan Coniam (46), 2. Johnny Benson (74), 3. Rob Summers (11), 4. Lou Cicconi (75), 5. Mike Lichty (84), 6. Dan Bowes (18), 7. Jeff Locke (37), 8. Ben Seitz (17), 9. Timmy Jedrzejek (32), 10. Mark Sammut (78), 11. Tim Ice (65), 12. Bob Magner (40), 13. AJ Lesiecki (14), 14. Bob Dawson (28), 15. Dave Duggan (51), 16. Mike Ordway Sr. (61), 17. Eddie Witkum Jr. (97), 18. Craig Rayvals (94), 19. Sondi Eden (92), 20. Moe Lilje (8), 21.Mike Hooper (17x), 22. Terry Simpson (48).