Tyler Blank Wins at Double-X Speedway

From Dean Reichel

CALIFORNIA, Mo. (June 4, 2017) — Sunday Night Thunder at Double-X Speedway paid homage to a young racer taken away too soon. The first annual Dylan Bias Memorial featuring the Street Stock cars was a resounding success at remembering a young man that loved dirt track raving. 22 Street Stock racers came from near and far to take part in this first event. The $1250 to win, 25 lap feature event, saw sixteen drivers on the starting grid. Cole Henson and Dalton Imhoff brought the field to green with Henson leading lap one with the field giving chase. Imhoff made a couple of early challenges, but the star of the early laps was Joe Miller who moved into second on lap four and began pressuring Henson. They would continue to run at the front with Harlan Dowell moving up to challenge also. Dowell would ultimately get to the rear bumper of Henson before a lap 22 caution which set up a three lap shootout to the finish. On the restart after Dowell retired to the pit area Clayton Campbell would find himself in second and that would be the finishing order. Henson would claim the victory, Campbell would cross in second, Imhoff had another strong run to claim third, Evan Hays continues to have impressive runs taking fourth and Dale Berry was fifth. Sixth went to hard charger Jay Prevete, seventh was Brandon Hays, Harlan Dowell was credited with eighth, Joe Miller ninth and Mark Davis was tenth. Henson, Imhoff and Miller claimed the qualifying heat races and Brandon Dunham won the B feature.

In the winged Sprint Car division. California driver Tyler Blank visited victory lane for the first time in a long time. Blank started fifth and was running third in the early laps behind Ayrton Gennetten and Jonathan Cornell. Young Gennetten would lead the first seven laps until the first caution of the event flew. On the restart Cornell used a turn 1 &2 slide job to take the lead. Blank tried to use the same move a couple of laps later but Gennetten had learned from the earlier move by Cornell and was able to use a cross over to protect the number two spot. Blank was persistent and on lap thirteen was able to complete the pass for second in turns 3 & 4. A red flag for Brian Beebe’s easy roll in turn 3 would prove to be Cornell’s undoing as the #28 machine would not refire and he had to retire tot the pit area. Blank would lead on the restart with Gennetten providing the pressure. At the checkered Blank would emerge victorious, Gennetten would score an impressive second, visiting Paul Solomon claimed third, Lanny Carpenter was fourth and Jeff Wingate would complete the top five. Gennetten and Wingate claimed the heat race victories.

Miles Paulus made quick work of taking the lead in the 600cc Micro Sprint main event. Leading green to checkered Paulus had the 98P machine on a string the entire 15 lap distance. Jack Wagner would follow Paulus in taking second, Jimmy Dowell finished third, Nick Rasa drove a steady race in claiming fourth and Aubrey Smith had a good run to take fifth. Braydon Cromwell, Travis Arnold, Kaitlyn Boland, Trey Schleicher and Samuel Wagner would complete the top ten respectively. Paulus and Boland would take the wins in heat race action.

In the Hobby Stock division the victor was all smiles. Kevin Prall ended an eight year winless streak at Double-X claiming the feature victory. After sitting out last year due to injuries sustained in a highway accident, Kevin had been struggling with his car this year. After working the car over all weekend everything came together as Prall would emerge victorious. Chris Brockert had another strong showing finishing second in the event. Drew Tully was third, Aaron Brookshier claimed third and Jeremiah Wallingford came home in fifth. Chuck Coffey claimed the lone heat race in the division.

Racing continues next Sunday night with Commerce Bank night at the races. Follow Double-X Speedway fan page on Facebook for updates.

Dylan Bias Memorial Night

Double X Speedway
June 4, 2017

Street Stocks-

Feature Event (25 laps)
1. 31C-Cole Henson, Russellville; 2. 30C-Clayton Campbell, Otterville; 3. 96-Dalton Imhoff, Jamestown; 4. 54-Evan Hays, California; 5. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia; 6. 25xxx-Jay Prevete, Windsor; 7. 4u-Brandon Hays, California; 8. 29-Harlan Dowell, Tipton; 9. 25-Joe Miller, Centertown; 10. 56-Mark Davis, GroveSpring; 11. 4(13)- Steve Beach, Eldon; 12. 0-Jay Lamons, Humboldt,KS; 13. 888-Darren Turner, Ashland; 14. 44-Brandon Dunham, California; 15. 11K- Kiel Morton, LaPlata; 16. 25X-Rodger Deatherage, Calhoun

B Feature-
1. Dunham; 2. Lamons; 3. Prevete; 4. B. Hays; 5. 52J- James Keeran, California; 6. 4- Marshall Berry, Tuscumbia

Dash for Cash-
1. Henson; 2. Miller; 3. Dowell; 4. Imhoff; 5. Davis; 6. Beach (DNS)

Heat 1-
1. Imhoff; 2. Beach; 3. D. Berry; 4. E. Hays; 5. Dunham; 6. Lamons; 7. M. Berry; 8. 05G-Grayson McKinney, Springfield

Heat 2-
1. Henson; 2. H Dowell; 3. Campbell; 4. Turner; 5. Prevete; 6. Keeran; 7. 7-Dennis Surface, California

Heat 3-
1. Miller; 2. Davis; 3. Morton; 4. Deatherage; 5. B. Hays; 6. 88-Darryl Dooling, Ashland; 7, 29D-Destiny Dowell, Tipton

Winged Sprint Cars-

1. 75-Tyler Blank, California; 2. 3-Ayrton Gennetten, Versailles; 3. 7-Paul Solomon, Grisbane, Australia; 4. 24-Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg; 5. 8- Jeff Wingate, Centertown; 6. 37-Brian Beebe, Oak Grove; 7. 28-Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia(DNF); 8. 65-TJ Muths, Sedalia(DNF); 9. 99-Bailey Elliott, California(DNF) 10. 93-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg(DNS)

Heat 1-
1. Gennetten; 2. Cornell; 3. Blank; 4. Beebe; 5. Elliott(DNS)

Heat 2-
1. Wingate; 2. Muths; 3. Solomon; 4. Carpenter; 5 Walton (DNS)

600cc Winged Micro Sprints-

1. 98p-Miles Paulus, Marshall; 2. 73j-Jack Wagner, Lone Jack; 3. 88j-Jimmy Dowell, Boonville; 4. 26b- Nick Rasa, Sedalia; 5. 35-Aubrey Smith, Houstonia; 6. 4c=Braydon Cromwell, Lone Jack; 7. 75-Travis Arnold, Pilot Grove; 8. 15-Kaitlyn Boland, Columbia; 9. 48s-Trey Schlecher, Sweet Springs; 10. 73s-Samuel Wagner, Lone Jack; 11. 3G-Garret Williamson, Columbia; 12. 88-Daniel Cary, Boonville; 13. 7jrk-Kameron Key, Warrensburg; 14. 7jr-Gregory Bledsoe, Marshall; 15. 37-Ethan Greene, Boonville

Heat 1-
1. Paulus; 2. Dowell; 3. J. Wagner; 4. Bledsoe; 5. Schleicher; 6. Smith; 7. Greene

Heat 2-
1. Boland; 2. Key; 3. S. Wagner; 4. Rasa; 5. Cromwell; 6. Arnold; 7. Cary; 8. Williamson (DNS)

Hobby Stocks-
1. 14-Kevin Prall, Sedalia; 2. 82- Chris Brockert, Versailles; 3. 33-Drew Tully, Carrollton; 4. 7x-Aaron Brookshier, Warsaw; 5. 84-Jeremiah Wallingford, Prairie Home; 6. 4-Jim Witt, Grandview; 7. 11-Mike Schrader, Sedalia (DNF); 8. 171-Chuck Coffey, Windsor(DNF)

1. Coffey; 2. Schrader; 3. Brockert; 4. Prall; 5. Tully; 6. Wallingford; 7. Witt; 8. Brookshier