Thomas Wins at Lawrenceburg

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. (June 10, 2017) — Kevin Thomas Jr. has enjoyed following the USAC Indiana Midget week tour. Following it with his sprint car that is. As the USAC Midgets tour the state of Indiana for their annual midget week, Sprint cars have been the support class at the various tracks. Thomas, Jr. picked up the feature win on Wednesday night at Gas City, and has looked strong throughout the week. He would start from the pole position on Saturday night at Lawrenceburg for the 25 lap Kelsey Chevrolet Sprint car Feature. As the green flag flew Thomas Jr. would take the lead on the opening lap. Cj Leary, and Dave Darland battled for second for several laps before Darland secured the spot. Darland would challenge Thomas, Jr. on restarts, trying to throw slide jobs in the turns trying to slide up in front of Thomas Jr. Thomas Jr. on the outside was able to maintain his lead by keeping his momentum up on the high side of the track. Once the leaders began passing the slower cars, KTJ was able to put some distance between himself and Darland. This would be all the distance he would need to win the Kelsey Chevrolet Sprint Car Feature for his first win At Lawrenceburg in 2017, and 6th overall. This also was Thomas, Jr’s second win of the week in his sprint car. Darland finished second followed by Leary, Nick Bilbee, and Jordan Kinser. Tony DiMattia, Shawn Westerfeld and Dave Darland all won their heat races. The Kelsey Chevrolet Sprint Cars return to the track on Saturday, June 17th.