Kurtz and Allison Win USAC Eastern Midget Features at Kentucky

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WHITESVILLE, Ky. (July 30, 2017) — George Kurtz and Nolan Allison each recorded 25-lap USAC Speed2 Eastern Midget feature wins Sunday night at Kentucky Motor Speedway. Kurtz passed Sam Hatfield on lap four and led the rest of the first race to beat Jessica Bean, Allison, Neal Allison and Hatfield. In te closer, Allison led the final 21 laps after passing Jake Trainor on lap five. Bean was again second ahead of Neal Allison, Kurtz and Trainor.

USAC SPEED2 EASTERN MIDGET RACE RESULTS: July 30, 2017 – Whitesville, Kentucky – Kentucky Motor Speedway

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Nolan Allison, 16, Allison-15.519; 2. George Kurtz, 4, Kurtz-15.671; 3. Jessica Bean, 5, Radical-15.690; 4. Neal Allison, 15, Allison-15.784; 5. Sam Hatfield, 8, Hatfield-15.870; 6. Scott Milan, 5, Radical-15.888; 7. Jake Trainor, 8T, Trainor-15.926; 8. Jagger Parker, 20, Parker-16.019; 9. Jake Garcia, 35, Garcia-16.533.

FIRST FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. George Kurtz, 2. Jessica Bean, 3. Nolan Allison, 4. Neal Allison, 5. Sam Hatfield, 6. Jake Trainor, 7. Scott Milan, 8. Jagger Parker, 9. Jake Garcia. NT

SECOND FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Nolan Allison, 2. Jessica Bean, 3. Neal Allison, 4. George Kurtz, 5. Jake Trainor, 6. Sam Hatfield, 7. Jagger Parker, 8. Scott Milan. NT

FIRST FEATURE LAP LEADERS: 1-3 Hatfield, Laps 4-25 Kurtz.

SECOND FEATURE LAP LEADERS: 1-4 Trainor, Laps 5-25 Nolan Allison.

NEW USAC SPEED2 EASTERN MIDGET POINTS: 1-Bean-849, 2-Kurtz-780, 3-Nolan Allison-742, 4-Trainor-616, 5-Neal Allison-605, 6-Hatfield-557, 7-Parker-527, 8-Chris Lamb-386, 9-Garcia-349, 10-Eric Lewis-282.

NEXT USAC SPEED2 EASTERN MIDGET RACE: August 11 – Raleigh, NC – Wake County Speedway