Ameri-Flex Challenge III Format & Purse Announcement

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From John Lemon

TULSA, Ok. (January 24, 2018) – After taking time to double check notes and ponder thoughts and ideas, the format and purse structure for Ameri-Flex Challenge III presented by Grand National Trailer is now set. This AMERI-FLEX / OCRS sprint car event will be held on Saturday September 29th at the Salina Highbanks Speedway in Salina Oklahoma.

All champ sprint teams will be allowed to enter this event providing they meet the rules of the series. The race will offer a payout of $3,000 to win and $1,000 to start. To receive the full payout for this event, car owners who earned the right to start in the A-Feature must have competed in a minimum of six (6) AMERI-FLEX / OCRS events prior to competing in the AFC III race. If a car owner qualifies their car for the A-Feature and has not made the minimum of six events, they will receive a slightly modified payout. Here is the payout with and without the six stipulated events prior to the race:

First Place: $3000
Second Place: $1500 / $1000 without required number of events attended
Third Place: $1200 / $700 without required number of events attended
Fourth Place through Twentieth place will receive $1000 each or $600 without required number of events attended

Note: The winner of the race will be guaranteed the $3000 top prize!

The format will be as follows:
Teams will draw a pill to determine their starting spots in the heat races. (Passing point system applies)

Top ten in overall points from the heat races will lock themselves into the A-Feature

Highest four cars in the top ten of overall points that made six previous races will redraw for the first four starting spots. The highest remaining 4 cars that are in the top 10 in overall points draw for starting positions 5-8. Drivers with the 9th and 10th highest overall points start in those positions respectively.

B-Feature will have 8 cars transfer into the A-Feature. If two B-Features are ran, the top 4 in each will transfer into the A-Feature.

Two cars that attended six previous events but failed to transfer out of the B-Feature(s) into the A-Feature will get provisionals to make a 20 car field for the main event.

If there are 3 or more cars that made six previous races and failed to transfer from the B-Feature(s), the highest two finishers among themselves from the B-Feature(s) are the two cars that earn the provisionals. Any ties from this grouping will be awarded to the driver that earned the most overall points from their heat race.

If only one provisional is used, or none at all, the car(s) finishing the highest from the B-Feature(s) that failed to finish in a transfer spot will be the next car(s) placed into the A-Feature.

Any provisional starters, or additional B-Feature transfers (if any) will start at the tail of the feature line up.

If there are any inquires to this format, contact Barry Grabel (918) 260.3899 or John Lemon (918) 850.5341

Note: OCRS reserves the right to modify any of these guidelines as deemed necessary.