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On the Poll…pre-season mall shows

March 7, 2011

This week's "On the Poll" asks our readers if they attend any pre-season car shows at local shopping malls. Several mall shows have completed or take place over the next month. Do our readers support such events or have them in their neighborhood? Vote today! [...]

On the poll…Pavement Sprint Cars during Florida Speedweeks

January 31, 2011

Due to the volatile political climate with some of the promoters operating paved race tracks in Florida series such as TBARA will not have races during Florida Speedweeks this season. Are you going to miss not seeing the pavement sprint cars during Speedweeks? We want to know, vote today! [...]

On the poll…planning for 2011

January 4, 2011

With more schedules coming out every day we wondered how our readers are planning for the 2011 racing season. Do you have you have a plan or are you still waiting for more schedules to come out. Vote on this today! [...]
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