Injury Sidelines Trevor Green

From WSS, James Baker Photo

Popular Performance Wholesale World Series Sprintcars hard charger Trevor Green has been sidelined for the remainder of the season and plans to find a replacement driver.

World Series hard charger Trevor Green faces a slow recovery on the sidelines following an accident during Round 2 of the Performance Wholesale World Series Sprintcars championship at the Charlton Raceway in Toowoomba last Saturday night.

Green was battling with local contracted driver Peter Lack for the final transfer position in the B-Main when the pair made contact and flipped. Green’s ADRAD Cool came crashing to the ground with the rear end smashing into the drivers seat. He was taken to the St Vincent’s Hospital in Toowoomba suffering from three compressed fractures of his spine, together with severe internal bruising.

Having missed the prospect of permanent damage to the spinal cord by millimetres, Green took his first tentative steps Monday afternoon. He has been placed in a special brace to assist the recovery process, which he will be required to wear for a minimum of 12 weeks.

“Now I’m up and about I can work towards being released hopefully on Friday,’’ Green said.
 “The flip didn’t appear too bad, but the car nosed dived before landing back down heavily where the rear end smashed up into the bottom of the driver’s seat.
That impact did the damage and as soon as I got out of the car and took a few steps, I knew I had done something major… the pain was just unbelievable.

“The doctors told me how close the fractures came to my spinal cord which is pretty scary thinking about what could have happened. It’s still pretty painful at the moment but hopefully things are starting to settle down.”

With the injury likely to keep Green out of the cockpit for a lengthy period, the team is in the process of finding a replacement driver to fulfill their obligations for the remainder of the season.

Ian Madsen has been recruited to pilot the car for Round 3 this weekend at the Tyrepower Parramatta City Raceway while the pre Christmas break will be used to search both Australia and America for a driver to complete the contracted PWWSS trail.

Trevor and the Green family would like to sincerely thank the speedway fraternity for their best wishes and support following the unfortunate accident.
“It really has been overwhelming and we very much appreciate the thoughts that have come our way.
 The ambulance crew particularly did a fantastic job to help me initially, I just want to thank everyone who has provided assistance and support,” he said.

Trevor Green would like to thank the generous support of his 2009/10 sponsors: 

Adrad Radiators, Freightmaster Semi-trailers, Maxwill Racing Engines, Cool Chassis, Weld Racing Wheels, Butler Built, Protec, Gilbert Event Management, The Truck Factory, Steve Wicks and Sons, Treble, BRr Motor Sports, Vin’s Mini Buses and Green Welding.