Tuesdays with TMAC – Carson Scores Top 10’s in KC/TMAC Next!

From Bill W

Two weekends in a row will be spent in Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Last weekend, Carson McCarl competed in the “No Bull Small Car Nationals” and this weekend, his father Terry will hop in Wayne Simmons’ midget for the “Twas the Midgets Before Christmas” event.

In his first outing in anything non-wing in his life, Carson started eleventh, and moved forward in the non-wing Micro-sprint feature. He spun out at the midway point, but came back through the field to finish ninth. “I never really had to pitch it sideways like I thought,” says the young teen. “There was a lot of throttle control there. I felt a little silly when I spun out, but we came back through there o.k., and it was fun.”

He needed a transfer through the B to make the Micro feature. Starting at the tail, he worked his way up to a tenth place finish. Sponsorship came from Dean Field Farms, Mark Burch Motorsports, Clifford Cycle Racing Engines, Hoosier, Pace Chassis, Americash Advance and DeBerg Concrete. “My heat was really one-lane, and we got stuck on the outside and shuffled back,” says Carson. “It felt good to get past some cars. I’d like to thank Jim Clifford for all he has done and Sheldon for his help too. We couldn’t do it without our sponsors.”

Carson’s father was impressed with the way the show clicked off on Saturday night. “The promoter did a great job of running things through on Saturday night, and everyone was out of there by eleven,” says TMAC. “For me, it’s a rare opportunity to do these things with the boys. I enjoy the family part of it more than anything.”

This week, it will be TMAC’s turn to throw the dirt at Kemper Arena. He will be teaming with Knoxville’s Wayne Simmons for the $10,000 to win “Twas the Midgets Before Christmas” event. Iowa Speedway, DeBerg Concrete, Esslinger, Penske, DKE, Inc., FasCoSigns and Tulsa Drywall Supply are all on board with the midget. “I’m really happy to have Iowa Speedway and the other partners on board with Wayne’s midget,” he says. “Iowa Speedway has a great $99 season ticket deal going, and I’m happy to be a part of that effort. With the economy the way it is, it’s great to have an affordable way to get to Iowa Speedway events in 2010.”

Racing efforts are limited during an Iowa winter, so TMAC is excited to get down to Kansas City. “It’s always great to be able to race inside in the winter when the snow is on the ground,” he says. “These guys are trying to build an event, and I know what that is like, having promoted the Osky Challenges and other events. They are doing a great job, and I’m looking forward to it. Someone is walking home with $10,000 on Saturday, and I hope it’s us.”

TMAC knows that the roster is filled with experienced veterans and young hot shoes. “The competition is going to be at a high level,” he says. “There are a lot of fellow winged sprint car drivers, but you have the guys who are great without the wing too. It should be a good challenge.”

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Driverwebsites.com has developed websites for the McCarl boys. Check out the new look of www.TerryMcCarl.com, and check out the newly developed www.AustinMcCarl.com and www.CarsonMcCarl.com!


Eric Franklin asks: Were you surprised to see Steve Kinser teaming up with Tony Stewart for 2010?

TMAC Answers: I think it’s an excellent deal for Steve. He was looking at the reality of possibility funding two sprint car teams, and now he can go race with Tony. I don’t know all the particulars of what his situation was and is, but from the outside it looks like a super deal for Steve, especially with the new tire deal, and how his relationship was with Hoosier. I’m sure Bass Pro Shops is happy about it too.

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This Week in TMAC History!

December hasn’t seen much racing from TMAC, though he competed in the Slick 50 Series in Arizona in both 1992 and 1993, driving his own #27 both years. The action took place from the Manzanita Speedway in 1992 and Canyon Raceway in 1993.

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