Kasey Kahne Named Recipient of the “Outstanding Contribution to the Sport Award”

From the NSCHoF

KNOXVILLE, IOWA – Former full-time sprint car racer Kasey Kahne, now owner of Kasey Kahne Racing (KKR) with its United States Auto Club (USAC) and World of Outlaws (WoO) sprint car teams, has been named the recipient of the 2009 “Outstanding Contribution to the Sport Award” by all three voting panels of the North American Sprint Car Poll. The current full-time NASCAR stock car and occasional sprint car racer, a native of Enumclaw, Washington, is also involved in numerous charitable and promotional efforts within the sport of sprint car racing. The non-winged, 360- and 410-cubic-inch sprint car polls, honoring the sport’s current highest achievers, are all coordinated under the auspices of the non-profit National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum Foundation in Knoxville, Iowa.

According to museum executive director Bob Baker, “We are very proud to honor Kasey Kahne for all of his efforts in giving back to the sport in which he established his racing roots. Despite his young age, he has the maturity, demeanor and professionalism of a true gentleman, both on and off the track. Clearly the builders, manufacturers, media members, promoters, and sanctioning officials on the 360-, 410-cubic-inch, and non-winged sprint car voting panels admire and respect his body of work. It is also interesting to see the parallels between his efforts and those of his off-track friend and on-track competitor Tony Stewart, who earned the same award in 2003.”

Past recipients of the North American Sprint Car Poll’s “Outstanding Contribution to the Sport Award”, which was initiated in 1985, are: Tom Schmeh, Dick Jordan, the late Fred Brownfield, Doug Auld, the late Hank Gentzler, Tony Stewart, Emmett Hahn, Allan Holland, Dave Argabright, Ron Shuman, the late Kevin Gobrecht, Jack Hewitt, Jack Miller, Brad Doty, Art & Carol Malies, Dave Bowman, Ralph Capitani, the late Ted Johnson, Mark Kuchan, Steve Kinser, the late Don Martin, Steve Beitler, Lee Brewer, Mark Kinser, Frank Lewis, Earl Baltes, Casey & Beverly Luna, Elayne Hoff, Jean Lynch, the late J.W. Hunt, and Bert Emick.