FAST Drivers Ready to Take on Outlaws with the Support of Local Fans

by Chris Kettman, FAST Staff Writer

MAUMEE, OH (5-18-10) — The Kistler Racing Products F.A.S.T. Championship Series presented by JE/SRP Pistons and Engine Pro wants to see you come out and show your support for your favorite local(s) when the World of Outlaws visit Attica Raceway Park Friday May 21st. The winner of the contest will be the fan with the best or most outrageous display of support for any member(s) of the “home team”. Up for grabs will be a F.A.S.T. prize pack including a 2010 F.A.S.T. t-shirt of your choice, a 2009 F.A.S.T. Series season recap DVD, a F.A.S.T. can coozie, and a set of FAST 410 and 305 stickers. To really “up the ante”, the good folks at Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway will also provide the winner with one pair of tickets good for any F.A.S.T. night at both of the Northern OH speed plants.

Start making your plans – and costumes – now! Simply wearing a driver’s t-shirt and hat will not win this contest! Be creative! Go big! Show your pride for our local heroes as they battle the best in the business on Friday night. Contestants will be shown on Attica’s new video screen message center and fans will vote with applause for the best display of support for one of our local teams. Voting will take place after WoO qualifying and Late Model hot laps. Contestants should meet at the gate to the horse track behind the flag stand. Listen for announcements to be made over the P.A. system. Bring your college football spirit! Stay tuned for further details.

Kistler Racing Products F.A.S.T. Series – By The Numbers (after May 15th)

75…with his win Saturday night at Fremont Speedway, Byron Reed now holds a 75 point lead over Brock Mayes in the quest for the 2010 Kistler Cup…

60…Ryan French, Troy Vaccaro, and Brandon Wimmer appearance in the pits Friday at Attica Raceway Park brings the total number of drivers to have raced at the two Northern OH tracks in 2010 to 60…

48…48 drivers have been in competition with the Kistler Racing Products F.A.S.T. series to this point in the 2010 season…

36…36 different drivers have a qualified for at least one A Main start with F.A.S.T. this season…

18…18 drivers have been in attendance for all F.A.S.T. events held in 2010…

9…9 different drivers have finished in the top three this season with F.A.S.T…Reed leads the way with four…Phil Gressman, Dean Jacobs, and Tim Shaffer each with two podium finishes…and Dale Blaney, Mark Keegan, Mayes, Craig Mintz, and Greg Wilson with one…

6…6 drivers…Lee Jacobs, Jody Keegan, Mayes, Mintz, Reed, and Bryan Sebetto…are the only drivers to have started all five F.A.S.T. features…

5…Shaffer’s win Friday at Attica Raceway Park made him the 5th driver to have multiple career F.A.S.T. series wins…Mintz leads the way with four… Mayes and Reed have three…and Chris Andrews with two…

4…4 different drivers…Reed with two, Gressman, Shaffer, and Wilson have recorded wins with the F.A.S.T. series in 2010…

2…Brock Mayes and Byron Reed are the only 2 drivers to finish in the top ten in every F.A.S.T. point race this season…

1…point leader Byron Reed, with finishes of fourth, second, first, second, and first…is the only driver to have finshed in the top five in every Kistler Racing Products F.A.S.T. series feature…

Kistler Racing Products FAST 410 Series Top 25 (after May 15th)

1 5R Byron Reed 726
2 11B Brock Mayes 651 -75
3 20X Craig Mintz 640 -86
4 X Mark Keegan 598 -128
5 53 Phil Gressman 594 -132
6 24H Lee Jacobs 593 -133
7 16 Bryan Sebetto 570 -156
8 3J Kevin Lee 559 -167
9 15C Chris Andrews 555 -171
10 60 Jody Keegan 552 -174
11 11M Brandon Martin 527 -199
12 10 David Harrison 489 -237
13 14H Todd Heller 478 -248
13 2+ Brian Smith 478 -248
15 312 Mike Linder 460 -266
16 9Z Duane Zablocki 451 -275
17 28K Todd Kane 440 -286
17 26 Cody White 440 -286
19 9X Rob Chaney 435 -291
20 28 Shawn Valenti 406 -320
21 97 Dean Jacobs 391 -335
22 5T Travis Philo 360 -366
23 47 Caleb Helms 333 -393
24 O Bill Morrison 329 -397
25 27 Scott Euler 314 -412

22 cars started the A-main event on Friday night at Attica with “track provisionals” allowing 2 extra teams into the feature to thank the teams for the large turn out. This is not the same as making it into the event as an “alternate”. The 2010 FAST rules state that no points are awarded to alternate starters in the A-main. The two additional starting spots were announced at the beginning of the evening and FAST Rules/Points allow for 21st and 22nd place points if needed for these situations (as has been noted in FAST rules since the inception of the series). Please refer to the rules/points page of the FAST web site for further clarification.

FAST 305 Series Top 25 (after May 15th)

1 40 Bobby Clark 292
2 35 Stuart Brubaker 290 -2
3 1W Paul Weaver 276 -16
4 94 John Ivy 264 -28
5 M28 Josh Muntz 254 -38
6 1 Nate Dussel 249 -43
7 11F D.J. Foos 242 -50
8 8K Zack Kramer 239 -53
9 10X Dustin Stroup 237 -55
10 9 Jimmy Colvin 232 -60
11 19R Steve Rando 230 -62
11 51 Brad Bowman 230 -62
13 39M Matt Merrill 223 -69
14 22D Dan Hammond 222 -70
15 8J Jess Stiger 216 -76
16 14 Chad Wilson 213 -79
17 71 Bill Kraylek 210 -82
18 83X Nate Reeser 196 -96
19 65 Doug Berryman 192 -100
20 27 Paige Polyak 190 -102
21 10 Brad Haudenschild 179 -113
22 30 Adam Ollom 171 -121
23 55 Benny Bowman 140 -152
24 25 Jason Keckler 139 -153
25 87 Ryan Hetrick 135 -157

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