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From Dick Jordan

Newton, Iowa…….Bobby Santos III of Franklin, Mass. led all but one lap to win Saturday’s 30-lap Casey’s General Stores USAC Triple Crown Pride of Iowa feature event at Iowa Speedway. Santos’ victory in the USAC Mopar National Midget race on the 7/8-mile paved oval came in the Santos Motor Sports/K & N Air Filters Beast/Esslinger Ford. He led laps 1-4, then yielded to Darren Hagen for lap five, but returned to the lead the next lap and led the rest of the way for the victory. Brad Sweet, driving for car owners Kasey Kahne & Mike Curb, finished second, followed by Hagen, Bobby East and Henry Clarke, East came from 20th starting position! Santos won the pole with the fastest lap during qualifications.

MOPAR USAC NATIONAL MIDGET RACE RESULTS: May 22, 2010 – Newton, Iowa – Iowa Speedway – Casey’s General Stores USAC Triple Crown “Pride of Iowa”

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Bobby Santos III, 98, Santos-22.997; 2. Darren Hagen, 3, RFMS-23.094; 3. Caleb Armstrong, 7A, C & A-23,405; 4. Brad Sweet, 49, Kahne/Curb-23.441; 5. Chuck Gurney Jr., 41, DMS-23.466; 6. Henry Clarke, 67, Kunz-23.520; 7. David Byrne, 20D, Byrne-23.534; 8. Brad Kuhn, 17B, RW-23.538; 9. Bryan Clauson, 39, Tucker/Kunz/BCI-23.632; 10. Daniel Bedford, 11D, DMS-23.634; 11. Alex Bowman, 55, Cline-23.707; 12. Jerry Coons Jr., 11, Wilke-Pak-23.712; 13. Zach Daum, 5, Daum-23.817; 14. Tracy Hines, 24, Parker-23.836; 15. Levi Roberts, 2D, Roberts-23.837; 16. Mario Clouser, 06, Clouser-23.895; 17. Shane Hmiel, 56, 56 Inc.-23.923; 18. Adam Kramer, 2, Kramer-23.926; 19. Dave Darland, 71, Kunz-23.933; 20. Bobby East, 4, Klatt-24.110; 21. Cale Conley, 3c, Conley-24.141; 22. Chase Scott, 14, Real Race Cars-NT.

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Bobby Santos III, 2. Brad Sweet, 3. Darren Hagen, 4. Bobby East, 5. Henry Clarke, 6. Bryan Clauson, 7. David Byrne, 8. Daniel Bedford, 9. Alex Bowman, 10. Dave Darland, 11. Tracy Hines, 12. Adam Kramer, 13. Cale Conley, 14. Brad Kuhn, 15. Chuck Gurney Jr., 16. Jerry Coons Jr., 17. Mario Clouser, 18. Caleb Armstrong, 19. Shane Hmiel, 20. Zach Daum, 21. Levi Roberts. NT

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-4 Santos, Lap 5 Hagen, Laps 6-30 Santos.

NEW MOPAR NATIONAL MIDGET POINTS: 1-East-362; 2-Clauson-334; 3-Hagen-326; 4-Sweet-322; 5-Hines-320; 6-Darland-311; 7-Coons-289; 8-Kuhn-237; 9-Clarke-232; 10-Daum-207.

NEXT MOPAR NATIONAL MIDGET RACE: May 29 – Indianapolis, IN – O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis – 65th “Night Before the 500”