Brown Wins Carrying Jesse Hockett’s Number at Knoxville

From Bill W.


Knoxville Raceway

21 410s
25 360s
19 305s


The best weekly crowd in recent memory was estimated between 8,000 and 10,000 on Pella Corporation Night. They were treated to some great racing. Austin McCarl (15th car out to time) set his first career quick time at 15.692 on the dry-slick surface. Lynton Jeffrey (16th car out) was second quick, followed by Mike Moore (1st), Mike Deavers (14th), Don Droud Jr. (17th), Dusty Zomer (19th), Brian Brown (2nd), Josh Schneiderman (21st), Bronson Maeschen (4th) and Ian Madsen (8th). Joey Moughan suffered motor issues and didn’t get a time in. Mark Shirshekan scratched after hot laps.

Heat one (started): 1. Skip Jackson 2 (2) 2. Mark Dobmeier 13 (1) 3. Brown 77 (4) 4. Madsen 55 (3) 5. McCarl 17a (6) 6. Deavers 72 (5) 7. Jeremy Kurzman 1H (7)

Jackson led the 8-lap distance. The top five got their time spot included in the feature inversion. Dobmeier and Brown exchanged second early on in the only close action. Dobmeier had changed a motor after qualifying. Brown drove with the 77 all weekend in honor of Jesse Hockett.

Heat two (started): 1. Seth Brahmer 13v (2) 2. Rager Phillips 10 (1) 3. Droud Jr. 47 (5) 4. Schneiderman 49 (4) 5. Jeffrey 12 (6) 6. Robby Wolfgang 7K (3) 7. Joey Moughan 8H (7)

Brahmer led flag to flag. The race was stopped on lap five for Moughan who stopped in the pit entrance in turn four. On the restart, Droud moved up into third to match Brown in the first heat. Brown entered the night leading the point race by five, but trailed Droud by five after time trials.

Heat three (started): 1. Rob Kubli K9 (2) 2. Ryan Bunton 6R (3) 3. Davey Heskin 56 (1) 4. Moore 69 (6) 5. Zomer 91 (5) 6. Maeschen 1 (4) DNS – Mark Shirshekan 3

Heskin, utilizing 360 power, led early, but Kubli had the Leyton K9 working well on the cushion and took the lead on the second go-around. A caution came out with six to go for Zomer, who rejoined the field at the tail. With two to go, he was able to get by Maeschen into the important fifth spot.

A main (started): 1. Brown (3) 2. Droud Jr. (5) 3. Jeffrey (7) 4. Madsen (1) 5. Heskin (15) 6. Dobmeier (13) 7. Jackson (10) 8. Schneiderman (2) 9. Maeschen (17) 10. Moore (6) 11. Bunton (9) 12. Zomer (4) 13. Brahmer (11) 14. Deavers (16) 15. Phillips (14) 16. Kubli (12) 17. McCarl (8) 18. Kurzman (19) 19. Wolfgang (18) 20. Moughan (20) DNS – Shirshekan

After the missing man formation for Jesse Hockett on the parade lap, Madsen jumped out to an early lead. Dobmeier was a mover early, climbing through the top ten after starting in row eleven. Brown was tracking down Madsen, about six car lengths behind, and Schneiderman rode third much of the way. Jeffrey entered the mix moving up into the top three towards the midway point. Brown started to pressure Madsen around lap 13, when traffic became a factor. Jeffrey entered the mix as well, and a great race was setting up. Then on lap 16, McCarl spun in three and four. The restart saw Madsen ahead of Brown, Jeffrey, Schneiderman and Droud Jr. Brown slid in front of Madsen on the restart in one and two, and maintained the lead. Meanwhile, Jeffrey quickly moved into second, and Droud Jr. passed Schneiderman and then Madsen for third. On the white flag lap, Wolfgang slowed on the backstretch bringing out a caution, and setting up a green, white, checker finish. No one had anything for Brown, but things mixed up behind him. Droud Jr. passed Jeffrey for second. Heskin used the dry-slick surface to his favor using 360 power to charge up to fifth, becoming the night’s hard-charger. The team decided to race 410 instead of 360 just before signing into the pit area. The win was worth $3,000 for Brown, and marked the 17th time he has won in the 410 class. The win puts him into a tie for 14th on the all-time list with Dick Sutcliffe, Dean Sylvester and Jac Haudenschild.


Matt Moro set quick time during group qualifying at 16.087 seconds. Josh Higday was second quick, followed by Dustin Selvage, Dennis Moore Jr., Chad Humston, Jon Agan, Ryan Roberts, Tony Shilling, Johnny Anderson and Clint Garner. Tasker Phillips did not get a time in, nor did Don Stoutner, who pulled in after qualifying.

Heat one (started): 1. Russ Hall 45c (1) 2. Garner 40 (3) 3. Roberts 18 (4) 4. Moro 2m (6) 5. Ricky Montgomery 9m (8) / 6. Moore Jr. 2 (5) 7. Nate Van Haaften 3 (2) 8. Ryan Bickett 17B (7) DNS – Tasker Phillips 7TAZ

Hall led the distance in the 7-lapper. Garner was impressive, moving around Van Haaften early on. Montgomery was able to get by Moore Jr. in the early going, and hold him off for the final transfer.

Heat two (started): 1. Bryan Dobesh 54 (2) 2. Higday 10 (6) 3. Humston 1m (5) 4. RJ Johnson 71 (3) 5. Jamie Ball 5J (1) / 6. David Brown 48 (8) 7. Shilling 47T (4) 8. Chad Heimbaugh 04 (7) DNS – Don Stoutner 57

Dobesh led flag to flag. Higday moved up well to run a strong second. Humston got a slow start but shot his way up from sixth, mostly using the low side. He grabbed third in the final corner. Heimbaugh stopped and exited on lap five. Shilling also went pitside.

Heat three (started): 1. Brett Mather 17G (2) 2. Anderson 7a (4) 3. Selvage 7 (6) 4. Danny Heskin 6 (1) 5. Agan 4 (5) / 6. John Hall 7H (3) 7. Rod Richards (7) 8. Alan Zoutte 33 (8)

Mather led flag to flag. Great racing between Selvage and Heskin for third, and Heskin and Agan for fourth. Agan came up just short of fourth in a good battle.

B main (started): 1. Moore Jr. (1) 2. Shilling (2) 3. Heimbaugh (6) 4. J. Hall (3) 5. Bickett (5) / 6. Brown (8) 7. Zoutte (9) 8. Van Haaften (4) 9. Stoutner (10) 10. Richards (7) DNS – Phillips

Moore Jr. led early in the 10-lapper. Two laps in, Richards came to a stop and went pitside. On the restart, Moore Jr. led Van Haaften, Shilling, J. Hall and Heimbaugh back to green. Five laps later, Stoutner was a lap down to Moore Jr. and spun in front of Van Haaften, who had nowhere to go running second. Both were done. Bickett was able to hold off Brown for the final transfer to the A.

A main (started): 1. Anderson (2) 2. Garner (1) 3. Selvage (6) 4. Higday (7) 5. Roberts (3) 6. Humston (5) 7. Agan (4) 8. Moore Jr. (16) 9. R. Hall (12) 10. Mather (11) 11. Dobesh (10) 12. RJ Johnson (9) 13. Montgomery (15) 14. Shilling (17) 15. Bickett (20) 16. J. Hall (19) 17. Ball (13) 18. Moro (8) 19. Heskin (14) 20. Heimbaugh (18)

Brian Brown led the field on the parade lap in the #77 to honor Hockett. Anderson took off early and started pulling away. Garner and Roberts were quickly in a battle for second, which Garner prevailed in. Selvage was next, and he and Roberts exchanged several thrilling slidejobs for third before a caution on lap four for a stopped Montgomery. The restart saw Anderson ahead of Garner, Selvage, Roberts and Agan. Selvage and Garner went at it for second, while Roberts and Humston waged a Nebraska bragging rights battle for fourth. Slidejobs were everywhere in great racing action. On lap 13, the race ended for Heskin who stopped, and Moro, who was running eighth. The restart with two to go, saw Anderson ahead of Garner, Selvage, Roberts and Humston. Higday restarted seventh, but surged on the final restart, getting by Agan and the Nebraska pair to land fourth. Garner and Selvage exchanged second on the last lap, but Anderson cruised to career win #9 at Knoxville, tying him with Bobby Thompson, Danny Young and Wayne Johnson. Moore Jr. was the hard-charger.


Heat one (started): 1. Jamie Ball 5J (3) 2. Steve Breazeale 57 (6) 3. Mike Van Haaften 33 (1) 4. Tasker Phillips 7TAZ (8) 5. Chris Mallicoat 22 (2) 6. Matthew Stelzer 99 (7) 7. Casie Shilling 16c (5) 8. Chad Huston 7c (4) DNS – Mark Johnson 45, Alan Ambers 93A

Heat two (started): 1. Matt Stephenson 55 (1) 2. Dustin Clark 16 (2) 3. Austin Johnson 81 (4) 4. Randy Smith 66 (6) 5. Tom Lenz 8L (5) 6. Marty Stephenson 36 (3) 7. Mitchell Alexander 6 (7) 8. Lance Silvers 12 (9) 9. Dave Saffell 18 (8)

Saffell flipped in turns one and two. He was uninjured, but done for the night.

A main (started): 1. Matt Stephenson (2) 2. Ball (1) 3. Phillips (7) 4. Breazeale (3) 5. R. Smith (8) 6. A. Johnson (6) 7. Clark (4) 8. Lenz (10) 9. Stelzer (11) 10. Huston (15) 11. Alexander (14) 12. Mallicoat (9) 13. Marty Stephenson (12) 14. Van Haaften (5) 15. Shilling (13) DNS – Silvers, Saffell, M. Johnson, Ambers

Matt Stephenson led the 12-lap duration, with no serious challenges. Ball held down a strong second, despite challenges from Breazeale. Phillips moved up nicely, getting by Clark, A. Johnson and finally Breazeale to land on the podium. “The Rim Rider” Randy Smith was getting a few laps in before the Masters Classic on Friday. Huston was the hard-charger. Matt Stephenson’s win was his third, which is tops on the all-time Knoxville 305 list in a tie with Clint Garner.