Confidence Growing for Darren Long and JGRacing

From J.G. Racing, image courtesy of Mike Campbell

This past Saturday evening the JGRacing 3g with driver Darren Long made the return trip to Little Rock with one desire; to improve upon their last trip to the track. That goal was accomplished and then some and with the confidence growing in every team member we could see some very exciting things in the very near future.

Starting sixth in his heat race Darren had the confidence in his car to move forward. A bad start that saw the 3g squeezed into the outside retaining wall he fell back one spot to seventh but luckily all was not lost. Using patience and a well tuned Gaerte Chassis the JGRacing entry finished up in the fourth position just shy of entry in to the A.

Starting this time on the outside of the front row for the B Darren would need to maintain or improve his position to gain entry for the feature and he did just that. While the pole starter took off as the laps clicked down the 3g was gaining on him and took the checkered flag just behind him.

For the feature the blue and black 3g would start on the inside of the tenth row. Darren was looking to use something in his arsenal that worked well in his heat race, patience; and this approach worked very well. After Joe and Tim made some changes to the car Darren now had a car to roll around the bottom but he could also use the top when needed. Using time and opportunity well the JGRacing entry crossed under the checkered flag in 11th place moving the team up the standings closer to their quest to get into the top-10 in points.

This weeks Red Line Oil question is; how many SOD championships did Tim Norman win? This week’s winner will receive a free Hoosier Tire hat.

Another new feature we will have; ask a question to the pros, otherwise not me. Send me a question for Joe, Tim, or Darren and if your question is picked it will be featured in the next press release. Please e-mail with Question of the Week in the subject line and I will forward the one chosen it to the correct individual.

Darren Long has t-shirts available in all sizes. Stop at the trailer and ask for one, prices are $15

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