Jimmy Alvis Jr. Takes CFSS Win

Checkered Flag Sprint Series

From CL Whalin

The Checked Flag Sprint Series (CFSS) at Punta Gorta Speedway on Saturday June 12, 2010 with 19 cars to run three heat races and a 30 lap feature race.

David Slawiak in the 79 car won the J.B. BANTA first heat from starting in third position. Scott Adema in the 67 car claimed the win for the GULF AMERICAN heat number two from starting in the last position. Jimmy Alvis Jr. in the 21 car took the BARFIELD third heat win from starting in the third position.

Jason Bradford had the pole for the start of the EAGLE JET feature race in the 47 car with the 11 car of Bryan Riddle alongside. Bryan got off to a great start and took the lead. On lap 3 David Slawiak in the 79 took the lead until lap 14 when Jimmy Alvis Jr. in the 21 took the lead and never looked back taking the checkered flag. David Slawiak in the 79 car finished in 2nd place, followed by the 51 of Mark Gimmler in 3rd, followed by the 67 of Scott Adema in 4th, and in 5th place was the 29 driven by Gary Gimmler. All races where all caution free. Jimmy Alvis Jr. also took the Barfield clean sweep award of $400 for wining his heat and the feature.

The staff and racers of the CFSS would like to thank everyone for their support and hope to see you next race at Punta Gorda Speedway on July 24th.

Checkered Flag Sprint Series

Punta Gorda Speedway, June 12, 2010

Heat #1 J.B. Banta

1) 79 David Slawiak (Brandon, FL)

2) 51 Mark Gimmler (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

3) 19 Keith Butler (Riverveiw, FL)

4) 11 Bryan Riddle (Thonotosassa, FL)

5) 75 Darrin Miller (Tampa, FL)

6) 21A Robbie Hackett (Riverveiw, FL)

7) 1 Billy Riddle (Plant City, FL)DNS

Heat #2 Gulf American

1) 67 Scott Adema (Ft. Myers, FL)

2) 47 Jason Bradford (Bradenton, FL)

3) 20 Amanda Ferguson (Montverde, FL)

4) 19T Mickey Kempgens (Dade City, FL)

5) 6 Frankie Hurst (Land O’ Lakes, FL)

6) 69 Ric Voisey (Wesley Chapel, FL)

Heat #3 Barfield

1) 21 Jimmy Alvis Jr. (Seffner, FL)

2) 29 Gary Gimmler (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

3) 31 Channing Conley (Leesburg, FL)

4) 15JR Geoff Styner (Cape Coral, FL)

5) 6X Skeeter Faulconer (Lutz, FL)

6) 7 Robert Parrow (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Feature Eagle Jet

1) 21 Jimmy Alvis Jr.; 2) 79 David Slawiak; 3) 51 Mark Gimmler; 4) 67 Scott Adema; 5) 29 Gary Gimmler; 6) 20 Amanda Ferguson; 7) 19 Keith Butler; 8) 11 Bryan Riddle; 9) 19T Mickey Kempgens; 10) 47 Jason Bradford; 11) 75 Darrin Miller; 12) 15JR Geoff Styner; 13) 6 Frankie Hurst; 14) 69 Ric Voisey; 15) 6X Skeeter Faulconer; 16) 7 Robert Parrow; 17) 21A Robbie Hackett; 18) 31 Channing Conley; 19) 1 Billy Riddle DNS