By Carol Haynes

Sandusky, OH – It was not a big surprise that after a day of hot, humid weather, dark rain clouds appeared over Lake Erie and put a stop to the ISMA racing at Sandusky Speedway Friday night. ISMA time trials, four heats and the consi were run off in almost record time only to have the rain-filled clouds let loose in a torrent.

In heat action, Sandusky’s Jack Smith beat out Justin Belfiore in a spirited battle while Mike Lichty ran away with heat number ahead of Tim Ice. Heat three went to Jeff Holbrook, followed a car length away by Lou Cicconi in the Stout 49. The final heat was won by South Amherst’s Bob Dawson. The nine-car consi was taken by Randy Burch with the final qualifying spots going to Brandon Bellinger, Ryan Klingerhofer and Danny Lane. Bob Magner and Jon Henes were added to the tail of the line-up as ISMA and MSA options.

But as the checkered fell on the consolation event, rain drops began to fall and soon a deluge began. The rain stopped only long enough to make a futile attempt at drying the track when another storm hit, this one ending the night. The 26-car starting field will begin with Mark Sammut and Jeff Holbrook on the front row. Row two consists of Justin Belfiore and Dave Shullick Jr. Row three: Mike Ordway Sr. and Mike Lichty. Row 4: Jack Smith and Gene Lee Gibson. Row 5: Bob Dawson and Lou Cicconi. Row 6: Tim Ice and Charlie Schultz. Row 7: Russ Wood, Kyle Edwards, Row 8: Dave Shullick Sr. and Jeff Locke. Row 9: Johnny Benson Jr. and Ben Seitz. Row 10: Trent Stephens and Craig Rayvals. Row 11: Randy Burch and Brandon Bellinger. Row 12: Ryan Klingerhofer and Danny Lane. Row 13: Bob Magner and Jon Henes.

It was determined by officials that the 40-lap ISMA Hy-Miler event will take place on Saturday morning. Pit gates will open at 7:00 am. Engines will be fired at 8:00 am with hot laps to follow at 9:00 am. The 40-lapper will get underway at 10:00 am. Following the completion of the Friday remaining program, the pits and grandstands will be cleared and everyone will re-enter to start the regularly scheduled program for Saturday. The first event of that day will be at 4:00 when the Hy-Miler time trials begin.