From the IRL

EDMONTON, Alberta (July 24, 2010) – The Indy Racing League, the sanctioning body for the IZOD IndyCar Series, has placed driver Milka Duno on probation through Dec. 31, 2010 for not consistently meeting minimal performance standards.

Duno’s probation requires immediate and substantial improvement to her driving during the remaining events on the 2010 schedule.

Substantial improvement is defined as consistently meeting the performance standards set by the league on a particular circuit. On road and street courses this is measured in terms of time (107 percent of lead car), and on ovals it is measured in terms of speed (10 mph of the lead car). In addition to time and speed, other requirements include car control/placement and interaction with other cars on track.

If the improvements are not met, the league may impose other penalties at its discretion.

Pursuant to Rule 9.3 (C): The Senior Official may place a member on probation. Probation is a state of limitation upon a Member’s privileges usually following an act or omission occurring before or during membership with which calls into question the Member’s willingness or ability to abide by standards required for membership. The purpose of probation is to establish a process to allow a Member to prove, by the Member’s conduct, that the standards of membership are understood and will be honored at all times. During probation, a member is under heightened scrutiny and a Member can be required to abide by specific standards of conduct which are more stringent than those which are otherwise applicable. If a Member violates probation, the Member is subject to a more severe penalty. The duration and condition of the probation are within the discretion of the Officials.

Duno will have the opportunity to contest the penalty, pursuant to the IZOD IndyCar Series rule book.