Sideways with Bubba

By Rich Vleck

What was supposed to be a challenging three-race weekend opportunity for the Broderick Racing Team to shine ended up being mostly cloudy, and rainy; but they ended on a positive note on the way home.

The No. 5 Team travelled up to Rolling Wheels Raceway on Friday, the site of Bubba’s first sprint car race in 2007, but would have nothing to do on that night as action was washed out.

On Saturday, the weather cleared up for most of the day, but heavier storms moved in before the racing action could be completed. Bubba did get a brief stint on the track and would walk away anxious that they couldn’t turn more laps with their Eagle Chassis.

The Fast Track Summer Shootout utilized a unique time trial format, running in groups in their first session on the track and helping that set the grids for hot laps. Bubba was near Patriot point leader Jared Zimbardi and the two fought for space in the three lap session.

“We definitely could have used a Friday Night session, because without having a separate hot lap session we did not come out of the box near where we needed to be,” admitted Bubba. “Having the wicker bill was a big change from what we have been doing this year.”

The 20-year-old would have to start at the back of heat race two and would fight from his 10th place starting spot to seventh, but without the aid of passing points would have to run the B-Main to qualify for the 25-lap feature. Before that happened, though, Mother Nature, which intervened briefly after hot laps, would hit hard after the third heat race and settled in for the rest of the night. The remainder of the event was scrapped and the special challenge was cancelled.

“We were able to pass some cars in the heat and it was getting some better, but we were up against it all night if it didn’t rain.”

Before the team got back home to their Brookfield, CT base, they stopped off at the Lebanon Valley Speedway, the closest venue to home, for the annual stop by the World of Outlaws.

“There is no place I have more fun at than the Valley. It has a hometown crowd feel and the speeds are just incredible. It is like Daytona on dirt.”

Going up against the top 410s in the country, along with a myriad others, Bubba showed his meddle, qualifying easily through the B-Main and moving forward in the feature.

“Normally that show doesn’t even have a full field, but then 29 cars show up and it made us really be on our game. I wasn’t great in time trials, and the heat was alright considering the guys in front of us, but in the B-Main the racing was great and I got to swap it was some 410 cars and get in the show.”

Broderick was up to 17th place from 23rd 12 laps into the A-Main when a car spun around in front of the No. 5. Bubba attempted to avoid the car, but made slight contact which was just enough to knock him out of the event. Even so, his presence was felt by the large crowd.

“From the start, the race was like a dream. Going 4-wide with the Outlaws is what you grow up wanting to do. Once the race got going, we were hooked up and driving by 410s. Everyone seemed to be in a group and that seemed to slow them down, so I just kept driving around everyone.”

“I barely made contact with the spinning car and I hated that it happened, because I know we had a few more spots to pick off before the race was over.”

The team is now raring to go for a big two-night, three-race weekend coming up this Friday and Saturday. Friday will be the first trip for Bubba and the ASCS Patriot tour to Clinton County Speedway in Central PA. The Patriots will challenge the 410 Sprint Express, a new series that runs the track weekly. Bubba has already fared quite well against 410s this season and Clinton County is a track that should suit Bubba’s style.

Saturday, Bubba will get two cracks at Woodhull Raceway, easily one of his favorite tracks. He has a CNYMS win there in 2006 and has always fared well there in a sprint. The first feature field is set, with Bubba starting in eighth, but he should still be a factor.

“Hopefully the outside groove is there on Saturday. I always enjoy going there and having a ton of a laps in one place on one night should allow time to dial the car and hopefully getting back to winning races.”

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