Sheil Captures Second RMMRA Driver Championship

From RMMRA Media

Ft. Morgan, CO. (August 28, 2010) – Going into the season finale, 3-Time and defending RMMRA Driver Champion Keith Rauch had an 6 point led over Chris Sheil but at the end it was Chris Sheil capturing his second RMMRA Driver Championship sponsor by Triple X Raceco, by winning his Heat Race and the 20 Lap SouthPoint Lincoln-Mercury/Majestic Metals “A” Feature Saturday night at I-76 Speedway by beating out Keith Rauch by 6 points.

The start of the “A” Feature had Rauch and Sheil lined up side by side in the third row with Kyle Rayburn on the pole, after lap one, Rayburn was leading the field. On lap four, the track lights went out in turns one and two, bring out the red flag. After a 20 minute delay to repair to the lights, Rayburn took the point on the restart with Rauch and Sheil following. On lap 5, Rauch passed Rayburn for the led with Sheil following. Sheil was battling with Rauch for a couple of laps until lap seven; Sheil passed Rauch for the led. With one lap to go, the first of two cautions came out. The first caution was for Julee Jamison stopping in turn one with a blown engine and the second caution came out after the leaders took the white flag for Mike Boesel, Cory Mallo and Justin Mallo spinning between turns 3 and 4. During the caution laps, Rauch engine was going away, giving Sheil the point on the final restart. At the finish, it was Sheil, Greg Schaefer, Bob Harr, Kyle Rayburn and Rauch rounding out the top 5 positions.

The Kinser Air Filters “Hard Charger Award” when to Greg Schaefer. Schaefer started in the 15th position and finished 2nd.

Heat Race winners were Bob Harr, Chris Sheil and Keith Rauch.


Heat One (8 Laps) – 1. Bob Harr, 2. Justin Mallo, 3. Julee Jamison, 4. Cory Mallo, 5. Butch Middleton.

Heat Two (8 Laps) – 1. Chris Sheil, 2. Luke Icke, 3. Cole Wood, 4. Mike Heberling, 5. Scott Fennell, 6. Steve Newman (DNF).

Heat Three (8 Laps) – 1. Keith Rauch, 2. Kyle Rayburn, 3. Tony Rossi, 4. Mike Boesel, 5. Greg Schaefer.

SouthPoint Lincoln-Mercury/Majestic Metals “A” Feature (20 Laps) – 1. Chris Sheil, 2. Greg Schaefer, 3. Bob Harr, 4. Kyle Rayburn, 5. Keith Rauch, 6. Cole Wood (R), 7. Luke Icke, 8. Butch Middleton, 9. Tony Rossi, 10. Cory Mallo (R), 11. Mike Boesel, 12. Justin Mallo, 13. Scott Fennell, 14. Mike Heberling, 15. Julee Jamison (DNF), 16. Steve Newman (DNS).

Kinser Air Filters “Hard Charger Award” – Greg Schaefer, starting 15th and finishing 2nd.