Zomer and Agan Win at Knoxville

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From Bill W.


Knoxville Raceway

21 410s
25 360s


Brian Brown (8th car out to time) set quick time at 15.021 seconds on a heavy surface. Bronson Maeschen (7th car out) was second quick, followed by Johnny Herrera (10th), Ian Madsen (13th), Davey Heskin (2nd), Don Droud Jr. (19th), Robby Wolfgang (12th), Seth Brahmer (18th), Dusty Zomer (1st) and Josh Schneiderman (14th). Mark Dobmeier underwent a motor change before time trials.

Heat one (started): 1. Austin McCarl 17A (2) 2. Brown 21 (6) 3. Madsen 55 (5) 4. Wolfgang 7K (4) 5. Schneiderman 49 (3) 6. Mike Deavers 72 (7) 7. Austin Johnson 81 (1)

McCarl led wire to wire in the 8-lapper. The top five finishers in the heats gained their time spot back. Brown used an early move to cruise to second as Madsen followed him by Wolfgang.

Heat two (started): 1. Mike Reinke 02 (2) 2. Mike Moore 69 (1) 3. Brahmer 13v (4) 4. Lynton Jeffrey 12 (3) 5. Heskin 56 (5) 6. Skip Jackson 2 (7) 7. Maeschen 1 (6)

Reinke led flag to flag. Heskin and Maeschen had a good battle early for fifth, before Heskin put himself in the spot for good.

Heat three (started): 1. Zomer 91 (4) 2. Herrera 2w (6) 3. Rager Phillips 10 (2) 4. Mark Dobmeier 13 (3) 5. Droud Jr. 47 (5) 6. Joey Moughan 21x (1) 7. Bob Weuve 19 (7)

Zomer led throughout. Herrera put on a nice charge.

A main (started): 1. Zomer (1) 2. Herrera (7) 3. Wolfgang (3) 4. Schneiderman (9) 5. McCarl (12) 6. Maeschen (16) 7. Droud Jr. (4) 8. Heskin (5) 9. Jackson (20) 10. Reinke (13) 11. Jeffrey (10) 12. Dobmeier (11) 13. Deavers (19) 14. Madsen (6) 15. Moore (15) 16. Johnson (17) 17. Weuve (21) 18. Brahmer (2) 19. Brown (8) 20. Phillips (14) 21. Moughan (18)

The initial try at green for the 20-lapper saw carnage. Brahmer had a left top wing side panel come off and he spun in the middle of one and two. Brown could not avoid him, and struck him head-on. Both were done, as well as Phillips and Moughan who were caught up in it too. Dobmeier made repairs to his machine and restarted at the tail, while Weuve made a few laps and pulled in. Zomer shot out to an early lead and left the rest in the dust. By the halfway point, he had a 1/4 of a lap lead over Wolfgang and Herrera. Herrera took second, but was a 1/2 lap behind the leader when Jeffrey spun on the backstretch on lap 16. A late yellow resulted in Johnson striking Jeffrey and getting upside down. Moore also sustained damage and was done. No one was hurt. Madsen had been running fourth, but it was obvious he had a smoking bullet and his time was limited. He retired on lap 18. McCarl had had a pass on Droud negated by the red, but repeated the move to nail down a top five behind Schneiderman. Zomer had no peer on the restart and claimed his fourth career 410 win worth $3,000 for car owner Derek Ingalls, who was making his first appearance of the year. Jackson was the hard-charger.


Ryan Roberts set quick time in group qualifying with a lap of 16.058 seconds. Chad Humston was second quick, followed by Johnny Anderson, Josh Higday, Jamie Ball, Rager Phillips, Dustin Selvage, Clint Garner, Jon Agan and Dennis Moore Jr. Matt Moro failed to get a time in.

Heat one (started): 1. RJ Johnson 71 (2) 2. Selvage 7 (4) 3. Jesse Giannetto 10 (1) 4. Higday 2 (5) 5. Joe Beaver 53 (7) / 6. Roberts 18 (6) 7. Matt Moro 2m (9) 8. Alan Zoutte 33 (8) 9. Moore Jr. D12 (3)

Johnson led early before Moore Jr. came to a stop on lap three. Johnson led Selvage, Giannetto, Higday and Beaver back to green. The yellow canceled a pass attempt from Roberts for the fifth and final transfer spot in the 7-lapper.

Heat two (started): 1. Humston 1m (6) 2. Danny Heskin 6 (1) 3. Garner 40 (4) 4. Jarrod Schneiderman 88 (2) 5. Bryan Dobesh 54 (3) / 6. Ball 5J (5) 7. Chad Heimbaugh 04 (7) 8. Ricky Montgomery 02s (8)

Heskin led lap one, but Humston was a rocket ship and took the point on the second go-around. He pulled away until Montgomery went up in smoke and limped to the back pit entrance on lap five. Humston led Heskin, Schneiderman, Garner and Ball who had taken the last transfer from Dobesh. Garner shot around Schneiderman and Dobesh did the same to Ball to take fifth. Heimbaugh got into the infield fence after contact with Ball coming for the white flag, and kept it going.

Heat three (started): 1. Dave Hall 51 (1) 2. Nate Van Haaften 3 (2) 3. Agan 4 (4) 4. Jason Tostenson 1HD (7) 5. Rager Phillips 7TAZ (5) / 6. Tony Shilling 47T (3) 7. Anderson 7a (6) DNS – Russ Hall 45c

Anderson was sent to the back for jumping. D. Hall led throughout. Tostenson had a good jump into a transfer spot early. Phillips and Shilling dueled for the final transfer.

B main (started): 1. Shilling (5) 2. Roberts (1) 3. Moore Jr. (4) 4. Moro (8) 5. Ball (3) / 6. Heimbaugh (6) 7. Zoutte (7) 8. Anderson (2) DNS – Montgomery, R. Hall

Things were slow to start, as Roberts was sent back two rows for jumping. Anderson grabbed the early lead with Shilling in tow in the 10-lapper. Anderson’s car lost power on lap seven, and Shilling assumed the lead, ahead of Moore Jr., Roberts, Moro and Ball. Roberts continued his moves to second, while Heimbaugh made a late bid for the final transfer, but came up short.

A main (started): 1. Agan (3) 2. Garner (4) 3. Giannetto (11) 4. Phillips (6) 5. Selvage (5) 6. Heskin (12) 7. Moore Jr. (18) 8. Schneiderman (9) 9. Van Haaften (10) 10. Higday (7) 11. Ball (20) 12. Tostenson (15) 13. RJ Johnson (1) 14. Dobesh (2) 15. Beaver (14) 16. Moro (19) 17. Humston (8) 18. D. Hall (13) 19. Shilling (16 ) 20. Roberts (17)

Dobesh did not take off and the first start was called back. He was slow to take off again, but things stayed green. Humston and Higday contacted, sending Humston hard into the wall and into a series of flips. In a separate incident behind that, Shilling and Roberts contacted, with both taking nasty rides. D. Hall was also involved. All four cars were done, but no serious injuries for the drivers. On the next try, a lap was almost completed, but Dobesh shot into the wall after contact with Agan. He careened back across the racetrack and was hit hard by Beaver and Moro. Three more cars were destroyed, but no one was injured. Selvage and Higday both were part of the incident and had to make heavy repairs before restarting at the tail. Finally, things settled down and RJ Johnson took the early lead in the 15-lapper. Agan was fast on the bottom and shot under for the point on lap six. Five laps later, RJ Johnson was running second under pressure from Garner, when something broke on the car and he shot straight into the turn three fence. He was uninjured. Agan now led Garner, Phillips, Giannetto and Selvage, from the back, back to green flag racing. Nothing much changed up front, as Agan won his second feature of the week (Sioux Center on Thursday), and the third in his career at Knoxville. Moore Jr. was the official hard-charger.