Hestor Hired As Port Tech And Safety Inspector, June 11 schedule conflict resolved

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By Shawn Brouse

Port Royal – As PRS Promotions continues to ready for the 2011 racing season at Port Royal Speedway along with speedway work crews, the team recently announced that is has acquired the skills of successful 410 sprint car driver Todd Hestor of Middleburg to fill its technical and safety inspection position.

Hestor, who owns six career victories at the Port himself, will be charged with the important duties effectively immediately. The father of three brings extensive mechanical and analytical knowledge and know-how to the position.

“A guy with background like Todd Hestor is exactly who and what we need to help restore confidence in our tech and safety programs and ability at the track,” said PRS Promotions team leader Steve O’Neal on Sunday.

“He is very professional in his ethics and also in the way he talks to and treats others.”

“Our focus for 2011 is simply to enforce the rules we already have in place and to make pit and driver safety a priority,” O’Neal said.

In other news, an unintended scheduling conflict with Lincoln Speedway on June 11 has been resolved thanks to a cooperative effort between speedways.

With 358 sprints originally slated to be in action at both tracks in addition to Selinsgrove Speedway, Lincoln officials have agreed to drop the division in order to allow any competitors who wish to compete in one of just four slated 2011 appearances at Port Royal to do so.

Also, hard working speedway crews began an entire clean up and overhaul of the area outside of turns three and four on Saturday. Crews worked through sub-freezing temperatures on the project that will end with a somewhat expanded pit area. Visit the speedway website for photos of the continuing effort.

The 2011 season opener featuring 410 and 358 sprint cars at Port Royal Speedway is slated for March 19 at 6 PM.

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