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El Paso, TX — (May 13th, 2011) — Another night of packed grandstands at the El Paso Speedway Park did not disappoint as the Renegade Sprint Car Series headlined the night along with the West Texas Street Stocks, Hornets, and USRA Limited X-Mods.

In their second appearance of the 2011 racing season, 21 Sprint Cars checked in to do battle at the El Paso Speedway Park. Leading the field to the green, the 77 of Colt Treharn and the 43 of Curt Barnett would work side by side into the first turn with Barnett taking the race lead before the caution waved for the 86 of JR Patton. One lap would be officially scored as the 43 of Barnett showed the way with Treharn and now Royal Jones set to restart on the back bumper of Barnett’s 43 but before the field could get back to speed, the 5 of Kyle McCutcheon would spin to a stop. On the move, the 43 of Barnett would try to run away as the Wofford family and John Carney II would start to march through the field from their mid-pack starting positions. Three wide for third, the 8 of Carney II would move into third with Royal Jones now in a good battle with Wes Wofford for fourth. Making the pass, the 19 of Wofford would battle with the 8 of Carney but would leave the high line open, allowing the 18 Lorne Wofford to work by for a moment. The slide job into second and John Carney II would work past the 77 of Treharn only to see the 19 of Wofford fly by and challenged for the lead before the caution waved for the 8 who spun to a stop after contact with a slower car. To the back of the lineup for Carney II, the field would be reset, and Wes Wofford would fly into the race lead after a brief battle with Barnett. Trying to pull away, Wes would not get far from father Lorne as further back in the running order, the battle for fifth went four wide with the 11 of Mike Stringfield making a bold move to take the spot. Starting to work their way through the field, the 5 of McCutcheon and the 8 of John Carney II would both move back into the top ten as the battle up front went side by side in slower traffic with the 18 of Lorne Wofford finally able to take over the lead with just over half the race in the books. Absolutely moving on the field, Wofford would run high and wide as he worked in and out of slower traffic before the caution waved with 4 laps to run. Into the billboards, the 86 of JR Patton would see his night end with a broken front suspension as the field lined up for the restart. Hard on the throttle, the battle to the be in the top five would see two big movers as McCutcheon and Carney II timed the restart just right with the 8 of Carney jumping from eighth to fifth with McCutcheon trailing into sixth as the white flag waved for Lorne Wofford. Un-challenged on his final circuit, the 18 of Wofford would take his second weekend in a row at Speedway Park. Wes Wofford, Cesar Fuentes, Colt Treharn, and John Carney II rounded out the top five.

Renegade Sprint Cars: Lorne Wofford, Wes Wofford, Cesar Fuentes, Colt Treharn, John Carney II, Kyle McCutcheon, Brandon Schure, Dylan Harris, Anton Salopek, John Carney Sr., Don Grable, Mike Stringfield, Joe Alvarado, Jerry Gonzales, Chuck Jackson, Ernie Simmons, Curt Barnett, JR Patton, Royal Jones, Robert Herrera, Mike Wells