Brady Bacon – Big Win in Jetmore!

By Bill W

May 30, 2011 – It seemed the storm clouds were hovering over sprint car racing in May, but none were bigger than those following the Brady Bacon Racing #99 team on the track. A tough trip of DNF’s through Indiana and entering this weekend were worse than the weather. Fortunately, things turned around in Jetmore, Kansas where the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma driver was able to capture the Steve King Memorial for the second straight year!

Things started in Jetmore on Saturday night. Brady swept the two nights there in 2010, but dumb luck followed in the preliminary feature after a heat win. “We were running third with about five laps to go, and the right front torsion stop came off,” he says. “Luckily it was coming out of two and we just went off the back straightaway.”

To start Sunday’s Steve King Memorial repeat, Brady would win his heat after starting outside of row two. “The wind was blowing hard,” he says. “It pushed you down in one and two, so you could go through there hard, but it would try to pick you up on the backstretch. Going into three, you had to slow down, or it would blow you off the racetrack. We actually took the lead on the first lap. I was a little high on the back straight and fell back to third, but we were able to get back up to first coming to the checkers off turn four.”

Brady drew the seventh starting position, and wasted no time moving towards the front. “We were actually in second completing the first lap,” he says. “We hit the bottom well in both corners. (Leader Brian) Brown was the only other one that did that.”

Things got crazy around the 20th lap. “We were good in the beginning, and we kind of settled in for the middle of the race,” says Brady. “I think Brown and I both slowed our pace down a little too much. (Derek Drown) got past me, and then he spun Brian out. Actually, they both spun out. Neither stopped, but a lap later the yellow was thrown. The field had passed Brian and Drown was running third.”

A caution and a red flag followed while things were straightened out. “Our tire was low after the red, and our car bottomed out going into one,” says Brady. “(Jack) Dover was able to get under me on the back straight, and I was able to get back under him on the front straightaway. I was able to go to the high side in the corner and pinch him off. We were able to lead the rest of the way.”

Brady was quick to thank those who made the win possible. “Things that have been happening to us have just put the monkey on our back, so it was good to get it off,” he says. “We’re using Infinity Shocks and they have been nothing but great out on the track. We were really proud to get our first win with Fatheadz and Oilfield Equipment and Manufacturing. They are great partners to have on board!”

The weekend had started last Thursday at the I-80 Speedway near Greenwood, Nebraska. Despite winning his heat from the second row, troubles returned in the feature. “We had a coupler bearing come apart in the rear-end,” he said. “Unfortunately, that had continued our streak of DNF’s.”

The ASCS-Midwest series had a second night of racing on Friday in McCool Junction, Nebraska at the Junction Motor Speedway. A tenth place finish ended his string of DNF’s. “We were pretty good in the heat there (third),” says Brady. “We just didn’t tighten up the car enough. It was getting hard on tires a bit, and I thought it would rubber up. The stock cars kept the track up. We were good the first ten laps, but then we were loose. I think we gained an inch and a half of stagger from when we started. It’s pretty sad when you are happy with a tenth place finish, just because you got to the checkers, but we were.”

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