Giesler Dominates ASA NSRA Super Shoe Sprint Car Main

2011 NSRA Northwest Sprintcar Racing Association
2011 NSRA Northwest Sprintcar Racing Association

From Stateline Speedway

From the first minute Johnny Giesler driver of the Bar-D Racing #12 team arrived at The Little Oval with a Big Attitude you could see the determination in his eyes that he was on a mission. Drivers where welcome to a open practice beginning at 3:30 Friday afternoon for the 2011 Super Shoe Championship in Post Falls, Idaho, at the gate at 11:00 that morning ready to hit the track for practice laps the determined Giesler paced the pits and stood and studied the quarter mile race track and patiently waited for practice to open.

Right at the click of the minute hand on the pit clock team Bar-D Racing were ready and sitting at the entrance to the track from pit road and Giesler pumped p and ready to lay down his first of many practice laps. As I sat in the tower I decided to turn on our track timing system and observe his practice session. Shortly after a couple of scuff laps Giesler stood on the pedal and went to work, struggling in corners 3 and 4 and checking his times he was still close to running record lap times. After his final practice session and talking with team owner Don Newman, they informed me he was on tires with over 100 laps on them, I thought to myself OH BOY.

As drivers from all over the Northwest entered the pits things were heating up early as veteran and young gun drivers took to the track in search for the 2011 ASA NSRA Super Shoe champ.

Qualifying began with drivers putting down some fast lap times early but coming up short of any new track record. Sierra Jackson #25J found the top of the field with two very consistent and fast lap times followed by Andy Alberding #76 in second and Johnny Giesler #12 in third.

Teams pushed their drivers cars to the front stretch waiting on their drivers to make their way for driver introductions, Knudtsen Chevrolet provided four 2011 Chevy pick-up to transport drivers standing and waving to the crowed of race fans cheering each driver. With all drivers pushed off and lined up side by side and fans standing and cheering the green flag dropped and the start of the 50 lap main event was on its way.

Justin Mack #17 starting on the outside of row one broke out to the early lead, Giesler starting outside of row 2 followed Mack from the start and after just three laps took over the lead. Defending Super Shoe Champ Sierra Jackson #25J and track record holder Matt Hein #98H battled side by side along with Andy Alberding #76. Johnny Giesler out in front set an incredible pace and by half way had a half a lap lead over Mack #17 in second. On lap 25 Jackson and Hein who spent the last 25 laps side by side separated and Jackson perused Mack for second position and passed Mack. With 12 laps remaining Jackson set her sights for Johnny Giesler and finally found him at the podium.

Gieslers determination had paid off and will bring home to Meridian, Idaho, the 2011 Super Shoe Championship, Congratulations to Bar-D Racing and team owner Don Newman.


Qualifying NW Early Stocks Larry Todd #53 14:964 ASA NSRA Sprint Sierra Jackson #25J 11:448

Trophy Dash:
NW Early Stock B Dash Billy Husk #20
NW Early Stock A Dash Bill Robideaux #152
ASA NSRA Sprints B Dash Wyatt King #88
ASA NSRA Sprints A Dash Johnny Giesler #12

NW Early Stock B Heat (1) TJ Burke #2 (2) Eldon Wilson #7 (3) Billy Husk #20
NW Early Stock A Heat (1) Larry Todd #53 (2) Bill Robideaux #152 (3) Mike Robideaux #52
ASA NSRA Sprint C Heat (1) Johnny Giesler #12 (2) Ron Larson #2 (3) Frank Volz Jr. #66
ASA NSRA Sprint B Heat (1) Vern Scevers #15R (2) TJ Monroe #16 (3) Justin Mack #17
ASA NSRA Sprint A Heat (1) Matt Hein #98H (2) Chris Schmelzle #25Z (3) Wyatt King #88

Main Events:
NW Early Stock 25 Lap Main (1) Larry Todd #53 (2) Shawn Priest #01 (3) Mike Robideaux #52 (4) Billy Husk #20 (5) Bill Robideaux #152 (6) TJ Burke #2 (7) Eldon Wilson #7 (8) Steve Mayer #78 (9) Sig Fishta #17 (10) Gill Rapp Jr. #19
Lap Leaders: Eldon Wilson #7 3 laps, TJ Burke #2 6 laps, Bill Robideaux #152 5 laps, Shawn Priest #01 7 laps, Larry Todd #53 4 laps
ASA NSRA Super Shoe 50 Lap Championship: (1) Johnny Giesler #12 (2) Sierra Jackson #25J (3) Andy Alberding #76 (4) Matt Hein #98H (5) Justim Mack #17 (6) Greg Middendorf #4 (7) TJ Monroe #16 (8) Darren Spiers #23V (9) Vern Scevers #15R (10) Kenny Hamilton #98 Lap Leaders: Justin Mack #17 3 laps, Johnny Giesler #12 47 laps

Wednesday Night Fever Returns July 13, 2011 Road Runners, Fever Four, and Bump to Pass. Qualifying at 6:00PM Racing Action 7:15PM. Admission just $5.75 Kids under 10 Free