McCutcheon Wins Regnade Feature at Southern New Mexico Speedway

snms Southern New Mexico Speedway
snms Southern New Mexico Speedway

(Las Cruces, NM – July 9, 2011) A solid field of cars lined the pits of the Southern New Mexico Speedway as the summer sun slowly dipped in the western sky. With another solid crowd in the grandstands, the Renegade Sprint Car Series headlined the night.

The Renegade Sprint Car Series with a twenty-two car line up set to go thirty laps would take the green with the 27 of Cesar Fuentes fighting side by side with the 52 of Art Quijano to open things up. Back and forth, the 27 and the 52 swapped the lead several times before the 18 of Lorne Wofford ran by both cars on the high line. Quickly pulling away to a straight-a-way advantage, Wofford would have to restart with twenty-three laps to go as the caution waved for the spun 11 of Mike Stringfield. Into the Delaware Double File Restart, the 27 of Fuentes and the 77 of Colt Treharn would line up directly behind the 18 as the green flag waved but the car looking to make a move was fourth place John Carney II; setting in deep for the slide job but coming up short on the 27 of Fuentes for second. Settling for third, the 8 of Carney would now go to work on Fuentes as Wofford ran into heavy lapped traffic. Having to take his time around the slower cars, it was about to allow the fight to come to the 18 but a mid race caution would clear the way for Wofford. To the green with fourteen laps remaining, the 5 of Kyle McCutcheon would throw his name into the mix; jumping from fourth and going three wide with Carney and Wofford for the lead but the caution would wave again for the spinning 27 of Fuentes. Back underway and Wofford would work on again running away as the fight for second picked up between the 8 of Carney and the 5 of McCutcheon. Working nose to tail and side by side for several laps, the 8 would finally get the pass back into second before the caution waved again. Back to green and the track was starting to lay down several grooves of rubber as Wofford again raced into traffic, only to see the caution wave again. To green with fewer than five to go, the track would have to go red for the 2 of Tyler Jackson who tipped onto his side off the top of turn two. Under red, Lorne Wofford’s luck would run out as the right rear tire bled down flat, parking the 18 for the last four laps along with Lamar Skarda and Derek DeMartino. With the lead now in the hands of Kyle McCutcheon, he restart would be key as the 5 smashed the gas and held off several attempts by the 8 of John Carney II who held onto second as Wes Wofford, Royal Jones, and Dylan Harris rounded out the top five.

1 Kyle McCutcheon
2 John Carney, Jr.
3 Wes Wofford
4 Royal Jones
5 Dylan Harris
6 Treham Colt
7 John Carney
8 Josh Baughman
9 JR Patton
10 Mike Wells
11 Cesar Fuentes
12 Robert Herrera
13 Don Grable
14 Cody Gill
15 Chuck Jackson
16 Matt Ziehl
17 Aaron Quijano
18 Lorne Wofford
19 Lamar Skarda
20 Tyler Jackson
21 Johnny Herrera
22 Mike Stringfield