Veenstra Wins at Ephrata

ephrata raceway park
ephrata raceway park

From Ephrata Raceway Park

The conclusion of the Mid Season Championships for Ephrata Raceway Park took place Saturday night with the Ephrata Pioneer Muffler II Pure Stocks, Pepsi Street Stocks, Super Stocks and 360 Sprints. The action pitted the youth against seasoned racers and the youth prevailed.

17 year old Jatender Veenstra grabbed on to first place from Mike Fought who had been battling with Joe Smith, when a caution came out on the 16th lap and shooting Veenstra to the lead. With 8 laps left, she didn’t look back. Mike Fought took second with Tom Beierman sneaking up and grabbing third place.

Bart Hector, Jr. captured the win of the Season Championships in the Super Stocks. David Macken held the lead for 9 laps when 17 year old Hector went under him to take the win. Brad Morrison was able to move up to second place with Macken in third.

In the Pepsi Street Stocks from lap three on, it was a race between Jason Ray and Ron Stewart driving the 92 car of Mike Bise. Ray led the majority of the race and then, with few laps to go, Stewart went for the lead and had the win with Ray second and Rick Bretches third.

Jeremy Larsen led the main for 10 laps when 16 year old Colton Fisher made the choice to take over the lead. Fisher led for the remaining 10 laps and took his fourth win of the Ephrata Pioneer Muffler II Pure Stocks. Second, was Chris McCart, and third, Derrick Kapalo.


Ephrata Pioneer Muffler II Pure Stocks

Fast Time: Derrick Kapalo 17.15

A Trophy Dash: Chris McCart
B Trophy Dash: Dustin Kapalo

Main Event: )Colton Fisher 2) Chris McCart 3) Derrick Kapalo 4) Jeremy Larsen 5) Brad Arneson 6) Dustin Kapalo 7)Mike Baughman 8)Nathan Schell, dnf

Pepsi Street Stocks

Fast Time: Ron Stewart 16.05

A Trophy Dash: Ron Stewart

Main Event: 1) Ron Stewart 2)Jason Ray 3)Rick Bretches 4) Tyler Redin

5) Shad Darwood 6) Fred Moore 7)Charlie Neville, dnf

Super Stocks
Fast Time: Bart Hector, Jr. 15:25

Trophy Dash: David Macken

Main Event: 1) Bart Hector,Jr 2)Brad Morrison 3)David Macken 4)Terry Osborn

360 Sprints
Fast Time: Jatender Veenstra 13.23

A Trophy Dash: Mike Fought
B Trophy Dash: Tom Beierman

Main Event: 1)Jatender Veenstra 2)Mike Fought 3)Tom Beierman 4)Adam Smith 5)Joe Smith, dnf 6) Richard Black, dnf