Congratulations to Tyler Walker and the Jesse Keen Motorsports team on your Kings Royal win

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By Brian Goscinski

The race started with the only two cars in the field with Super Shox Sammy Swindell and Tyler Walker on the front row after both had solid qualifying runs and heat race wins. At the green flag as well as every restart Swindell jumped out to the lead with Walker running in the second spot for the entire race until disaster struck again for Sammy when the right rear tire blew out in the fourth corner of the last lap, Tyler was able to get by and take the win as Sammy’s lead was enough to get him across the line in second without a right rear tire.

Walker’s crew chief Kirk Dewease summed it up best after the race by commenting that “Super Shox are the best shocks available and until you use them you can’t understand what a difference they really make”. These comments have also be echoed by many other races across the county who use Super Shox. A few weeks ago Randy Sippel tried a set of standard SX14 gas shocks bolting them on after the heat race he worked his way thru the field in the feature to finish in the top five. After the race a fellow competitor asked him so how do you like them shocks? Randy’s answer was simple “them shocks should be illegal I would have never believed there would be such a difference”. Wayne Johnson has won three races with Super Shox this year and he too has said “I cannot believe the difference the car just sticks and drives these shocks are awesome”. Bill Balog who has won seven features this year has said ” these shocks are making me look good”. While the shocks are good it still takes a good driver and car to win races but Super Shox will improve the handling of your car and enable to the driver and crew to fine tune the set up to get results week in and week out.

In the past year racers with Super Shox have won many races and championships such as Chris Windom’s win at the Oval Nationals (fourth win by a car with Super Shox) and his recent Indiana Sprint week title, Kevin Swindell won the Chili Bowl to become the events first back to back winner (third win in a row by a car with Super Shox), Eric Gordon finished second at the Little 500 where he has a record six wins with Super Shox. Sammy Swindell saw his Knoxville Nationals win blow up when a left rear tire let go after leading 47 laps then went on to win the Williams Grove National Open later in the year.

Super Shox have proven to be a huge asset to many race teams, it’s not hype or smoke and mirrors just hard work and dedication since 1997 to build the best shock possible with great customer service. At Super Shox we are always looking for ways to improve our product and to give our customers an advantage.

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